10 Reasons to Study Abroad in New Zealand

Home of glaciers, volcanoes and lakes with crystal clear waters, romantic beaches and unspoiled nature, New Zealand is a unique place that absolutely must be discovered. Its unique culture and quality of life will win you over. New Zealand is a country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, consisting of two large islands: the North Island and the South Island, along with other smaller islands. The Tasman Sea separates it from “neighboring” Australia which is only 2000 km, just over two hours from Auckland Airport. Also, it’s a popular study destination for you to spend three months, six months or even a few years to study in New Zealand.

1. Its incredible landscapes

With 14 national parks, New Zealand is one of the places in the world where nature reigns supreme. Its remote location has preserved its dream landscapes and biodiversity intact. There are a myriad of places to visit among which certainly not to be missed is the Fiorland National Park where you can admire fjords and glaciers.

If you are an indecisive eternal, you will be fine in New Zealand! Here, in fact, from a landscape point of view, there is everything and more: sea, mountains, beaches, volcanoes, cities, meadows and green hills. In short, you are spoiled for choice.

2. High-quality education

You will earn a nationally and internationally recognized degree that will make your way in the academic and business world, setting you apart from other candidates. The New Zealand university system is excellent, with state-of-the-art universities and polytechnics and an excellent academic teaching level. The high quality education system in New Zealand attracts over 100,000 students from all over the world annually. All New Zealand universities are state-owned, so they have to offer very rigorous quality standards. This means that no matter which university you choose, the quality of teaching will be high. For doctorates, international students pay the same rates as local students, taking advantage of state-of-the-art research facilities and a rewarding merit system. All universities develop large fields of research within them, always placing themselves at the top of international rankings. With the tied student visa and a university course you can work part time during your studies and full time during the school holidays. If the budget scares you, it is an excellent opportunity to finance your study period and amortize your accommodation costs. After university studies of at least 30 weeks you have the option to apply for a Post Study Work (Open) visa which can last for 12 months, thanks to which you have complete flexibility to work in New Zealand and study for another 3 months.

3. New friendships

New Zealand is not only a young country with a third of its 4.6 million inhabitants under the age of 25, but also have nice and kind people who welcome people all over the world.

The population of Kiwis is small, but they will not fail to leave an imprint on those who pass by their land. Travelers first, the New Zealanders show a genuine curiosity for those coming from outside, and despite the fact that people from all over the world already live here, there are still those who are surprised and those who stop to investigate what brought you so far. In New Zealand you will feel welcome, and there will be the opportunity to get to know such a young culture from the inside, sometimes around a barbecue, other times in front of a dozen beers.

4. Healthy and delicious food

While it may seem like a remote destination at first glance, it is actually home to locals from all over the world. For this reason you will find a wide variety of international gastronomy. Furthermore, meat, fish and vegetables are not chemically treated. Coffee is great too!

Lamb with mint sauce and kumara (a sweet potato that grows only in New Zealand), alone, are worth a visit! For those with a sweet tooth, however, the typical New Zealand dessert is recommended: the pavlova, a sugary meringue with kiwi and strawberries that is a real brick. And then there are the meat pies, puff pastry pies stuffed with meat and Vegemite on toast in the morning. In short, despite the country, given its “recent” constitution, does not have a real gastronomic culture, this has been influenced by all the cuisines of the world and the result is delicious fusion cuisine!

5. Practice English

New Zealand is the perfect place to learn English. Its British cultural heritage and educational system make it an ideal destination to practice this language.

6. Look closely at a kiwi

No, we are not talking about the fruit but about the symbolic animal of New Zealand. A cute bird, which looks just like a kiwi and can be found right here.

7. Local Māori culture

Māori culture originates from Hawaiki Polynesia, its history, language and traditions, such as the eye-catching ‘Tā moko’ tattoos, are an integral part of life in New Zealanders. This is a unique aspect of the local culture.

8. Be a Hobbit for a day

Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” sagas were filmed here. You can even go and visit the set of these films. Even if you don’t go crazy for the film genre, you will still feel like you are living in an unforgettable fairytale.

9. Observe the reversed seasons

New Zealand is on the southern hemisphere and for this reason the seasons are reversed. It will be very fun to see how summer is while it is late winter here.

10. Discover real rugby

The New Zealanders are a very sporty people and are also avid fans of the national sport: rugby. In their free time they do countless activities: swimming, surfing, bungee jumping, trekking, kayaking and much more. The national rugby team the All Blacks are considered practically heroes and the Haka, the ritual Maori dance, is a show that deserves to be seen live.

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