10 Signs Of Being High On Drugs


Have you been high before or have you seen anyone high on drugs? It creates a distinct state resulting from the feelings of euphoria that the drugs are depositing in the bloodstream through certain chemical processes. Aggression heightened emotions and the likes are distinct markers associated with being ‘high’.

Signs Of Being High On Drugs

1. Increased energy and restlessness

From medical reports, the muscles and nerves of the body double their functions which in turn makes the victim hyperactive. They become restless when they have no work to place such energy on. This is why victims are always destructive; they are filled to bursting with chemically induced energy without an outlet. If you’re in Philly, see here for the best drug rehab philly.

2. Behavioral change

There comes a sudden change in the behavior of a victim under the influence of drugs. According to a medical report, the brain shrinks when there is too much alcohol in the body. This endangers the brain and also reduces the function of the brain which leads the victim to behave abnormally. It is this that can be said to be responsible for the extent of abnormalities shown by victims.

3. Increased alertness

Victims become more alert when under the influence of drugs. Though they may be alert most of the time, their alertness turns to aggression or violence, rather than being purposed towards productive engagements.

4. Delusions and hallucination

The rate at which the brain functions under the influence of drugs is low as stated and it is known that the brain controls the body. The eyes at this point begin to malfunction which brings about hallucination and delusion. Further misinterpretation of actual events can often lead to disastrous endings.

5. Anxiety or paranoia

The victim becomes hyperactive which leads to anxiety. When the body becomes hyperactive, the victim no longer has the ease to control himself or herself which will eventually lead victims to behave in a violent manner born out of their anxiousness and inability to stay still. Paranoia too, is closely related to hallucinations, with the victim’s wariness skyrocketing to violent extents.

6. The feeling of exhilaration and excess confidence

There is inner confidence felt by the victim of this ‘high’. It is such feelings of walking on clouds that promptly said victims to do anything and go to any lengths, to the point of attacking armed security personnel. This is not the only manifestation of this as victims high on such substances have been known to perform daredevil stunts, which with a lack of coordination, usually end in tears.

7. Rapid speech

When you see a victim stringing words together but making no sense and communicating nothing, how do you feel? To such victims, they think that they speak the right thing. Many of them say things irrelevant to whatever situation may be on the ground.

8. Aggression

Victims under the influence of drugs mostly become aggressive. It is recorded that approximately 85% of drug users turn violent when under the influence of drugs and nearly 20% of them injure themselves. This does not account for their actions towards fellow civilians, colleagues of theirs, and the resultant material damage of their actions. In truth, the actual negative impact of their actions is greater.

9. Confusion

When hallucination steps in, the victim becomes confused and does not know what he either sees, says, hears, or feels. This has led many to drive their car off motorways and onwards into often fatal accidents head-on.

10. Irritability

Victims under the influence of drugs develop irritable behaviors. Many of such individuals are easily offended with even the slightest spat very well capable of setting off a heated fight. Add to this, a lack of patience and you have the picture.


As we have provided the 10 signs of being high on drugs and how detrimental they are to both individual health and society, these are reasons why you need to abstain from drugs.


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