20 Presentations Tools to Create Free Professional Slide Templates

If you are running a business, you’ll need the knowledge to create and design striking presentations. Whether it’s about attempting to get your employer to support another project, conversing with a customer to seal a deal, or building new marketing materials, you need to know how to create a presentation that won’t put people to sleep.

The best (and easiest) way to do this? Use the right tools to create and deliver your presentation. If you don’t know what apps and software to use, well there will be no need to look elsewhere. We’ve compiled our list of the best presentation tools for sales and marketing professionals.

Let us not forget that the key to a good presentation are the images. It is important to have the best quality images at hand. However, that may not always be the case. Not all your images will be perfect. The most important aspect of the image is the subject. The best way to give your images the professional look it needs for that presentation is to give them a clear background. Tools like Removal.AI can do this for you in only a few seconds! New desktop version is available for free download.


You can have the best images with just a single click. So now, we give you 20 tools to create free and professional presentations and slide templates.

20 Free Presentations Tools

Using an expert presentation scheme makes sure that your designs are delivered in a concise, unique, and visually pleasing way. To make them more attractive, try using custom design templates rather than using one of the existing templates in your presentation software.

1. Canva

Canva makes it easy to create, even for salespeople and marketers who think that they are facing a design challenge. The tool offers you a lot of presentation formats for you to utilise immediately, and it’s very easy to customize them to suit your organization and presentation purpose. Plus, a big array of apps that assimilate with Instagram, Google Drive, YouTube, etc

2. Powtoon

Oftentimes, being unique is what invites prospects, and this tool can definitely help you deliver in your projects. Powtoon’s animation software lets you design videos with tools and props, characters, and many more which can help you differentiate your business when chatting with prospects.

3. Powerpoint

Many people don’t realize that there is a free version of PowerPoint. This can be a great option for students who have the infrequent need to create a presentation and cannot afford to pay for a Microsoft Office subscription. As these programs are quite popular, a lot of people are very familiar with the design of the software and the commands. That helps PowerPoint Online to be an easy tool to learn and use. Also, you can access the Premium tool if you need more features.

4. Haiku Deck

Available online for desktop or iPad, this tool has turned into a favorite with trade and sales professionals. Haiku Deck allows professionals to design presentations that are easily devised, distributed, advertised, and embedded on any page and blog, or published on any internet enabled device. Create presentations from scratch.

5. SlideShare

This tool is a favorite option for sales and commerce professionals who are searching for ways to spread their material publicly. Due to having ingrained fans, you can seamlessly share your projects to a lot of people – and these same individuals can link your creations on pages and social media, or spread them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

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6. Zentation

With this tool, commerce people and marketers mix video and images into one simulated personal experience. Presentations designed with Zentation turn webcasts and webinars into awesome digital events for visitors and customers.

7. ViewletBuilder

ViewletBuilder is a one of a kind presentation software; it captures important updates as well as cursor position shifts so marketing experts can create presentations detailing how their product or sites work. With a plethora of features, ViewletBuilder allows editing and enhancement and also includes a variety of publishing and sharing options.

8. Visme

It is an application to create presentations from the computer. Its interface is similar to PowerPoint, although Visme has managed to simplify the user experience in better and more intuitive navigation. Still, you should take some time to discover all the customization options it offers. The platform has an extensive image gallery and useful infographic elements with which you can add a dynamic touch to your presentation.

Transform boring data into tables, maps, audio, video, and links, if you want. The app allows you to share or download your presentation with a single click, publish it online or use it offline; you can even make it private for internal use.

9. Apple Keynote

Apple offers a pre-installed tool on all of its devices. It offers a perceptive interface that allows users to design elegant and attractive presentations without any effort. With this app, you can add voice narration, a wide variety of designs, animated presentations, icons, and slide shifts. In addition, you can access your presentation from any device since it is stored in the cloud.

10. ZohoShow

It is a free application for personal use; is designed for use on your computer and allows you to create, publish, and share presentations immediately. The tool is suitable for both operating systems. It is very customizable and flexible; With it you can do multiple editing, that is, several users can co-create the presentation in real-time. It is one of the few tools that allows the import of PowerPoint presentations and also the export to PDF.

You can create your presentations from your mobile device, broadcast your project live, on Android TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast. Of one thing you can be sure: your presentations will never be boring.

11. Intuiface

It is a program that you should choose if what matters most to you is having an attractive design or developing tactile presentations. You can create your project from scratch or use one of the wide variety of templates it offers. Bring your content to life by making it interactive and choose from a wide range of settings, properties, and options; for example, 3D models, maps, YouTube video integration, sound effects, and much more.

After creating your project you can present it with a simple URL link with different channel options to share it. Building a tactile presentation is rare these days. Rest assured that with this tool your presentation will remain in the mind of your audience for a long time to come.

12. Prezi

PC World named it the most innovative executive presentation program of 2018. It has a free basic version and plans that go according to the level of presentations you need. Of course, with the Premium version, you have access to all its incredible options.

The base format of a presentation in Prezi simulates the zoom tool. With a virtual camera, you can zoom in and out of specific sections of the presentation; you can also add videos, graphics, and text. Prezi is designed to present at a distance, in high resolution, and with the highest quality on all devices, even without an Internet connection. Prezi provides the option to use your mobile device as a remote control.

A presentation in Prezi is like an open canvas that allows you to structure and visualize the entire presentation and you choose which section of the canvas you want to zoom into. This action gives dynamism and originality to your presentation.

13. Knovio

It is a presentation creator and live streaming tool. It can be used for onboarding, executive presentations, events, and educational presentations. With it, you can record and share your webinars, and make your presentations more captivating with animations, surveys, quizzes, and other tools. It allows you to attract the attention of your audience, through an interactive learning experience.

With the paid version you can even monetize your content since you can add paid services and even income streams to your conferences and events. It is ideal if you are considering teaching a paid course or certification program.

14. Haiku Deck

Get beautiful presentations effortlessly with Haiku Deck. It is the perfect alternative for a millennial user and an easy way to create a great presentation from the iPhone or iPad itself; It is exclusive for Apple devices. The tool has generated greater awareness every day. Its trial version is worth checking out: it has more than 40 thousand free-use, high-quality images. You can integrate YouTube videos, audio narrations, and even add recordings as if you were presenting in real-time. You could be presenting while you sleep!

Haiku Deck makes it easy to follow the best practices of a presentation; with it, you can simplify your message using images that amplify the emotional impact. The app offers you to make executive presentations in half the time it takes to make a presentation and with better quality.

15. Slidebean

It’s a great alternative to old-fashioned PowerPoint. It offers templates outside the traditional and seems to be in tune with the entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem. The app is powered by an artificial intelligence algorithm that tests thousands of settings for each slide in a fraction of a second. Choose the best one based on the characteristics you define before starting.

The app works to create all kinds of presentations: marketing and sales, startups and academics. You can create business presentations, redesign an existing presentation or use an existing template. The app service does not stop there: it is the only one on this list in which it is possible to speak by phone with the founders of the brand so that they can advise you on the creation of your business presentation. They write your story (based on the information in your brief) and create your presentation focused on the objectives you are looking for.

16. Wideo

It is a tool to create videos in the form of a presentation. It has a great user experience that will be familiar to you if you have worked with PowerPoint before, with the great advantage that it allows you to create professional and animated presentations that you can publish online or even export to YouTube.

The creators have created a very solid product that works for beginners and those with intermediate-level knowledge in video production. The tool promises to save you hours of editing and get a promising result in your video presentation.

17. Adobe After Effects

Continuing with the video presentations, comes Adobe After Effects. It is a tool that allows you to make impressive video creations and presentations that your audience will surely remember. After Effects is a professional tool; therefore, you require prior knowledge or start a course to take advantage of it. If what you want is to leave your audience speechless, do not hesitate to specialize in this tool!

18. CustomShow

It is an app indicated for you if you want to make executive and visually attractive presentations. With it, you can make online or offline presentations in PDF, PPT, and other extensions. The platform also allows you to present your project in Web Meetings and gives you animation elements such as tables, graphs, shapes, and 3D effects.

You can edit your presentation in collaboration with other colleagues in real-time and keep track of the performance of your slides. With its Simulcast tool, you can broadcast your presentation live. In this way, those who are with you in the room see the same presentation as your audience located even in other countries.

The application provides you with key analytical information about the performance of your audience and how they are interacting with your publications: what interested them the most, how long it took them to review each slide, how long they watched your audiovisual material, among other data.

19. Deckset

Deckset is an online tool that allows you to create presentations directly from a text document. You are in charge of writing all the information for your presentation and Deckset is in charge of doing the magic! You can integrate images and videos, which will make your presentation more attractive and fun. It is an excellent option if your design knowledge is null and you want to improve the appearance of your presentations, but you don’t know how to do it.

The program allows you to focus on the relevance of your information. Then you will make it a very visually appealing presentation in a few minutes.

20. Picktochart

Picktochart offers more than 600 professional templates so you can create an executive presentation. It even has templates for making your own infographics and other visual elements, such as interactive charts, animated icons, images, videos, and more. The tool has a good user experience and you can share your presentation on different social media platforms, or even secure them with a password if you want them to be private. It also allows you to create posters, reports, or flyers to print and support your presentation.

You Turn…

At the height of digital communications and development, images are the solution when sharing data, ideas, wishes, or intentions. Therefore, these days images are the means of oral presentations that seek to be effective and promote a clear and forceful message. Without images, words can be diluted, that is why they are essential to convey clear ideas that are more interesting and that can last in the minds of the listeners of your presentation, for much longer.

Faced with this need to combine highly visual content with orality, new programs and software appear every year that allows you to create paid or free online presentations. In this article, we have shared the most used and effective best photo editing tools for graphic designers so that you can choose the one that best suits your requirements.

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