3 Things You Should Know As An Aspiring Bartender

One of the most visually common jobs we usually see daily is the bartender. Many people love drinking, whether it’s cocktails, juice, beer, or soft drinks. In fancy restaurants, we often see bartenders keeping us accompanied while they make our drinks. If you’re feeling lonely or tired, maybe going to a bar station will help you feel less burdened because they somewhat make us feel good. Many people are amazed when they start doing tricks to entertain us while waiting for our drinks. We typically see them in bars, restaurants, and even store stalls. Being a bartender is one of the challenging jobs. Many people are pursuing this career because of their status, or maybe they are found with drinks. Being a bartender takes time because you must learn many things to succeed in this career. Here are the three fundamental things you should know before diving into this profession.

  •  Learn the tricks and be smart

There are plenty of tricks that you must learn to achieve this job. There are a lot of videos online that you can watch, or you can hire a mentor to understand the different tricks of a bartender. Flair Bartending is what the bartenders’ schemes are called. One of the basic tricks that we often see is the Basic flip; this is a trick where the bartenders toss the drinks in the air before mixing them. We often see this because it is the easiest trick they can show you without fail. It would be sufficient if you also learned how to respectfully talk to customers to ensure they are comfortable around you. It would help if you remembered where the different drinks are placed so that you won’t get mixed when trying to make a drink for your customers. Having proper etiquette is a must! Being a clean and active bartender is what customers love and appreciate because they feel comfortable that you will be an excellent service for their day.

  • Remember your drink recipes

In this career, there are a lot of different recipes that you must remember and learn because there are a lot of individuals who are strict with their drinks and gets mad when they taste something wrong with their order; to avoid this, you must learn every type of drinks so that when they order you’ll be able to perform their preferred drink. There are also times when the customer would love a custom drink; In these times, you need to be prepared and accept their request. It will be an advantage if you start creating your recipes to present to your customers if they want to try something new because you’ll get acknowledged if they love the drink you made for them. Before opening, go thoroughly with your recipes daily to ensure you won’t make any mistakes to avoid conflict and problems.

  •  Write a creative and impactful resume

Pursuing to be a bartender is a competitive job because many people sign and pass their job applications whenever an opening in hotels, restaurants, and other establishments requires a bartender. During these times, you must be prepared on what to write that will gain your interviewer’s attention and derive you from the other candidates. Using a resume builder will also help you because all you have to do is write your experiences, potential skills, and contact information. A resume builder will make your resume look professional and well-written because of how good the structure is. Make sure you are writing relevant information because it is what they need. There are a lot of free websites you can find online that can help you create a fantastic resume for you to pass this job application. Try and use them to make you know, especially if it is your first time; you can also ask other people what they have written so that you can have an idea and expand it into your resume. If you pass the job application, there is a high chance of getting the job because the interviewer saw your potential to be part of their company.


In this world, being a bartender is challenging because of how high the competitiveness in this field has reached. No matter how tiring it is to get a career, always remember that this is your future, and this is what you have been aiming for ever since you started studying. There are a lot of challenges ahead of you but make this an inspiration for you to strive hard and beat every single one of them because this is the only way for you to be successful. If you are sure you want to take this path, then do it! You’re the only person who knows what’s best for yourself. Be a bartender and make incredible drinks for your customers.

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