4 tips for choosing your gazebo


If you want to create a wonderful leisure space without any construction work? There are plenty of ready-made solutions available on the market. What to pay attention to when choosing your gazebo? Check our practical tips.

Who doesn’t enjoy spending long warm days outside in the garden? It’s much more convenient with a gazebo that provides some shade and shelter from changing weather conditions. At the same time, it’s a great way to diversify your outdoor space and add some style. Gazebos can have different shapes and constructions. 

We won’t give you advice on the style – it’s a matter of preference. You can choose from various types, from classicist pavilions to modern, simple constructions. Our tips may help you find the balance between esthetics and durability.

#1 Choose the appropriate wood type

Wooden outdoor constructions are back in fashion, but if it’s supposed to be an investment that lasts at least a few decades, you should search for particular types of wood. If you want your wooden gazebo to be weather resistant, pick teak, cypress, or cedar variants. Oak may be affordable, but it’s not the best choice in terms of durability.

#2 Adjust the construction to the climate zone 

If you live in an area where extreme weather conditions are not uncommon, make sure to choose strong constructions with an integrated binding. Also, remember to choose solid roofing made with polycarbonate or other strong material. The most resistant option is the ceramic tile, but it’s heavy, so it won’t fit any structure. Even though they are convenient and affordable, textile roofs won’t work in zones with intense rainfall and rapidly changing weather conditions.

#3 Organize your priorities

Define what purposes your will gazebo serve. Maybe you’ll want to use it as a summer dining space or work remotely from there? The answer will determine whether the construction should be open or half-closed, and what kind of roof you’ll need.

If you would like to make your gazebo a space to display the beauty of your plants, the best option may be to choose a pergola roof. You can cover it with climbing plants such as bougainvillea, grapevines, kiwi, or passiflora. Note, however, that such a natural rooftop won’t protect you from the rain. Maybe you pick a fifty-fifty variant with half covered roof as a compromise? 

#4 Don’t forget about the lighting

Summer evenings spent in your gazebo will be even more beautiful with appropriate lighting. Remember to pick lighting resistant to humidity and tight enough not to let the water in. Solar lights may be a good choice if you don’t want to involve the electric installation.

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