5 Appropriate Funeral Gift Ideas to Send or Bring

Going to a funeral is never a happy time, but there is something you can do to bring a moment of joy to an otherwise somber occasion.

Instead of agonizing over what you should say to people who lost someone dear to them, offering them a simple gift can communicate everything you need to without overwhelming them.

What should you bring, though? There’s a fine line between a welcome gift and an inappropriate one. Continue reading to learn five funeral gift ideas people are sure to love.

1. Photos

One gift for a funeral many people often overlook is providing the family with lost memories. If you have photos or video footage of their loved one who passed away, it’s a gift they’re sure to treasure for many years to come.

Instead of bringing the original copies, you might make copies, upload them to a flash drive, or create a personalized photo album.

2. A Plant

If you’re struggling to think of funeral gifts instead of flowers to provide the family with, why not consider a plant?

You can send a plant right to their doorstep. The benefit of a plant over flowers is being more unique and offering them something that will last much longer if they take care of it.

Having something fresh and vibrant in the home will undoubtedly help better their mood.

3. A Gift Basket

Funeral gift baskets are another great option if you’d rather give them something they can use each day.

The gift basket could be full of foods they can indulge in once people stop sending them food. Or you could create your own self-care kit that includes aromatherapy items and other things to help relax and soothe them.

This gift is sure to be one they haven’t gotten from anyone else if you put the basket together yourself!

4. A Home Care Service

When someone loses a person who cared for things around the house, they’re forced to take on additional stress as they get used to taking on everything themselves.

A great way to help them out while they grieve is paying for a home care service to come to take care of things. For example, you might hire landscapers, house cleaners, grocery delivery, etc.

5. Focus On the Kids

If the person leaves behind children, often they get neglected when it comes to funeral arrangements.

Purchasing some small gifts to keep them occupied, such as coloring books, board games, books, etc., can help them and their parent as well.

Unique Funeral Gift Ideas to Consider

When it comes time to attend a funeral, your mind might be focused on too many things to develop a thoughtful and appropriate gift.

Thankfully, there are many options that you can consider to help those grieving. This article highlights five ranging from simple gifts like a plant to highly personal gifts like forgotten photos.

No matter which gift you choose, letting someone know you’re thinking of them is what matters.

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