Sour Diesel: One Classic Finding A Modern Twist To High CBD Hemp

Until cannabidiol came barreling into the limelight, people enduring THC sensitivities struggled to find the ideal level of THC. The perception is you will either bounce off the seats with an extreme high or sink into the deepest depths of the sofa cushions offering no middle of the road.

That is beginning to change with high CBD strains. Cannabidiol is the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant, incapable of getting a user high. The mind-altering euphoria is all about THC.

But why would people (even without sensitivities) decide to switch to smoking buds consisting of a substance with no chance for a high? Especially considering classic hybrids like Sour Diesel famous for the potent high it induces (there’s also a high CBD version). It is a little complicated. Go here for informatics on species, strains, and what it all means.

Why CBD Is Calming Down Some THC-Strong Strains

There are few people unfamiliar with smoking weed. It’s iconic in its own right. Why would anyone mess with what has become a “cult” classic? Well, one, it’s classified as an illicit drug under federal guidelines. Two; another cannabinoid is stepping onto the scene; people like what it offers and how it makes them feel.

As research comes out, experts divulge more details relating to the effects of the chemical compounds in cannabis. The suggestion is that CBD offers health-related benefits (as does THC) albeit without creating any kind of alteration to consciousness, and it can negate adverse reactions from THC.

But the officials also feel these two cannabinoids should, to some degree, work together to enhance each other’s positive attributes. They do so with the other chemical compounds in a cannabis bud also; whether it be hemp or marijuana, the effect denotes the entourage effect.

With selective breeding of specific hemp strains to mimic marijuana favorites, the results will be high-CBD hemp buds with minimal THC. Despite the trace of THC, an entourage effect will still generate, but there will be no mind-altering euphoria. The feeling described from this type of bud boasts as a laid-back comfort with a sense of focus and boost to your mood.

Smoking High CBD Strains

Cannabidiol boasts properties beneficial in helping symptoms with health-related conditions. Experts reveal evidence of its effects little by little while anecdotal successes are reported often.

Marijuana use is centuries old, with people historically believing it held medicinal properties. But while THC is similar to its therapeutic properties, the adverse effects turn people away, especially those who have a sensitivity to the cannabinoid creating harsher reactions than might deem standard.

Users don’t want to deprive themselves of what could potentially be a wellness aid. With the recognition of smoking High CBD Strains of cannabis, either hemp or marijuana-based on your preference, more people opt for the legal variety with minimal to trace THC.

CBD buds are becoming more available, like with Cheef Botanicals, an online company, or you can visit local dispensaries. Research to ensure quality. Fortunately, high CBD strains can simulate marijuana favorites with the right type of breeding as with Sour Diesel. You can find the classic marijuana strain that gives a powerful punch with its excessive THC amounts for an extreme high.

Fortunately, for those not interested in that kind of reaction, you can enjoy the hemp variety with loads of CBD and trace THC. With this version, there is a pungency just like the original reminiscent of fuel combined with citrusy sweetness.

The result from consuming this choice is an immediate sense of calming, albeit feeling energized. You’re able to fully indulge in the benefits of cannabidiol without the intrusion of adverse reactions from the THC.

It’s among the most popular strains instigating a sense of nostalgia for many following it from its origins. These are conflicting but speculate to be in the 90s.

Smoking High CBD Strains

Final Thought

Marijuana is probably never going to go anywhere. It’s followed generations throughout history and will continue. But there is now an alternative for people who simply can’t tolerate THC effects.

More people jumped on board when cannabidiol came on the scene because there was finally something comparable to marijuana, offering potential health-related benefits, but no negative reactions, as compared to THC. Get the lowdown on high-CBD strains at https://growersnetwork.org/cultivation-resources/lowdown-high-cbd-strains/.

People are taking advantage of these strains and, anecdotally speaking, finding successes with consumption.

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