5 athletes’ chasing records in 2021

Don’t we all love athletes that are record-setters? Even if we may not have fond feelings for them as a person, or for their style, or whatever the reason – there is something about record-setting that we all just cannot take our eyes off! And in 2021, there are many athletes that are truly chasing history. We really cannot wait to watch these guys on their quests to join the history books, and we’ve highlighted 5 of the very best right here for your reading pleasure.

Who knows but there is an interesting article on Reyada News on what to expect when it comes to sports events this year and many of these guys might still be setting records in the Olympics 5 years from now! It’s all part of the journey.

Novak Djokovic

The GOAT debate in tennis has been one of the hottest topics of any sport on the planet, and this guy is firmly in the running. Of course, Djokovic is competing with other greats like Federer and Nadal on his quest for glory, but he’s making a pretty good effort of it. Currently, Djokovic has 17 Grand Slam titles to his name, while Federer and Nadal both have 20. But not only is he younger than both of them, but he also dominates them in the head-to-head records. With 3 more Grand Slam tournaments left to play this year, it is mathematically possible for him to catch them in 2021 too! Good luck Novak.

Cristiano Ronaldo

From tennis to football, Ronaldo is another gladiator of his time. Of course, he has a trophy cabinet that is pretty much bursting already, but there is still plenty for him to achieve in the game. Of course, he made the move to Juventus with the intention of not only winning the domestic league but with the intention of winning the Champions League – something he has not yet managed to do at the club. However, if he did achieve this feat at Juventus, he would be just the second player in history to have won the tournament with three different clubs.

It’s not just club football that Ronaldo is looking to excel in either. With the Euro Championships right around the corner, we are sure he will be desperate for Portugal to defend their title – something that would definitely break many records.

Lewis Hamilton

Good old Lewis has been bossing Formula One for several years already, and 2021 is a year where he really can cement himself as the GOAT of this sport. Currently, he is compared with Michael Schumacher as the best there has ever been, probably because they are tied with the number of World Titles they each have – with 7. This is something that many claims he has to break if he is to be regarded as the true GOAT. But since he already holds records like most podium finishes and most wins, this is something that is clearly within his capabilities.

One thing is certain, we will be watching his performances super closely throughout the season, and it would be pretty phenomenal if he did in fact break this record.

Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua is adored by fans all around the world. From a relatively rough upbringing, Joshua has transformed himself into a global superstar. Of course, he is famous for his insane power and incredible dominance in heavyweight boxing. And like the other guys mentioned in this piece, he has a huge test ahead of him this year to cement himself in the record books. Many are calling Joshua one of the greatest heavyweights of the modern era, but there is one man that also claims to fit this description – Tyson Fury. As it happens, Joshua has the one loss whereas Fury has zero on this record.

But since these guys are potentially going to have a showdown this year, this will be an absolute blockbuster. If Joshua does win, he will have set a number of records, as well as earn his right as being named the greatest heavyweight in recent times.

LeBron James

Finally, LeBron James is not only chasing the title of the GOAT of basketball, but he’s also chasing other records like most NBA points of all-time, most NBA Championships, and so much more. James is good that he is often compared with the legendary Michael Jordan, but there’s one big difference – Jordan won 6 NBA Championships while James just has just 4. But since LeBron is still going strong at his current club, LA Lakers, he is definitely capable of moving past his main ‘GOAT competitor’. As with all of the potential records mentioned here, however, only time will reveal what gets entered into the history books.

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