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5 Best Practices For SMS Marketing To Drive Local Business

Do you believe SMS marketing still works? Well, you can realize it if you count the number of marketing messages you get daily on your smartphone if you don’t have the “DND” activated. What’s your count? Well, there must be dozens of marketing messages on your smartphone. From your local supermarkets, restaurants, to your telecom company, everyone is trying to push you to buy something after clicking on the link from the SMS sent to you.


But how are you utilizing this marketing technique for your local business? Well, if you are just sending cold SMS to your existing customers then you might not get that effective results. As a leading SEO Company India, we are here to let you know what you can do to enhance and modify your SMS marketing strategy. Here are the five best practices to use for effective SMS marketing.



#1. Everything Starts With R&D

No matter if you are into strategy development or you are into field marketing, everything starts with R&D. Without research you cannot develop the right marketing strategy. And without proper research channels, you can’t actually research the market, customers, insights and analytics. So here we recommend you to start researching about the customers that you are targeting, the product or service that you are selling, the competitors, the retention rate, the market sentiment, etc.

#2. Get The Local Data

If you are trying to get leads and sales for your local business, then how can global data help you? You need local data. The local data never means using your personal contact list. You need to get the local contact numbers of your target area. No matter which area you are targeting, whether it is a big city or a small town, you can get data from various resources. Many local marketing companies will provide you with data in exchange for a few pennies. Also, you can get the data on your own. Want to know how? Then stay till the end.

#3. Keep It Short & Compelling

SMS is always short, right? As it is one of the common things marketers know about SMS marketing. Then why are we repeating this? Well, we are repeating this because we want you to keep the hidden message short. Your SMS will be short because you are limited to 160 characters. But is your hidden message short? And is enough to compel your target audience to buy something from you?

#4. Content? No, Copywriting Is King

Content is king. We read it everywhere on the internet. But when it comes to SMS marketing, then we give it a slight change. Yes, we know that content is king and copywriting is a part of content. But here in SMS marketing copywriting is the king. Writing long messages won’t be a good thing. You need a copywriter that can write a copy that sells.

#5. Concise Target Group

Have you concised your target group? Suppose that you are targeting a group that lies under an age group of 18 to 25. But everyone lying under this age group are your customers? Is it really that concise? No, you need to go more in-depth to know whether you are reaching out to your target group or not. There can be many things to learn about your target group. From buying behaviour to interests, every customer insight is important.

Some SMS Marketing Tips

The above mentioned 5 best practices are enough to make your SMS marketing more effective. But if you are still looking for some amazing tips, then read the following ones. These tips will help you make your SMS marketing campaign more effective.


Make Your Own Subscribers List

Buying data can be a less effective way to target people through SMS. There are some ways to make your own subscribers. If you are a local offline business then you can ask for the mobile numbers and emails to build your own database of subscribers. It will be more effective when you are sending SMS to your subscribers.


Use Pop-ups & Widgets

Using Pop-ups and widgets on your site is completely an effective way to collect the mobile numbers of your users. Must get a widget or pop-up for your site.


CTA Is A Must

If your SMS and the landing page don’t have a good CTA (call to action), then there will be fewer conversions. For more conversions, you need to get a CTA in your SMS and also on the landing pages.


Don’t Forget The Link Shortener

It is obvious that if you are going for SMS marketing then you must have to shorten your links to make it convenient and easy for the audience to click on your links.


A/B Testing Applies Here Too

Before shooting your bulk marketing SMS you can try the A/B testing mode. You can send SMS to a few people to check whether the SMS is compelling or not. After testing you can use an SMS for a complete marketing campaign.

Let’s Summarize!

You can shorten your links, add a call to action to your SMS, get an amazingly written copy for SMS, etc. All these things can be basic things for SMS marketers. But researching your target group, making your SMS short and compelling, getting the right audience data, all these things can add advancement to your SMS marketing campaign. For more assistance, you can opt for affordable SEO services.


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