5 Easy Steps to Send Bitcoin Cash Via Cash App

Cash App has emerged as one of the most convenient options for beginners and crypto veterans to buy, sell, or send Bitcoin cash. The mobile app is also easy to use and lets you quickly check your Bitcoin Cash balance from a smartphone.

This beginner’s guide will be a step-by-step walkthrough of sending BCH from your Cash App account. Whether you need to buy Bitcoin Cash first or have a balance, we will learn how to send funds using Cashtag friend and withdraw them from an external BCH wallet address.

We’ll also discuss creating your Cash App account, verifying your identity, reviewing the details of transactions, and checking your status after completion. Let’s walk through the five simple steps in sending Bitcoin Cash via the Cash App without hassle. In no time, you will be transferring BCH funds like a pro.

1. Download and Set Up the Cash App

Before learning how to send Bitcoin on the cash app, you would first download and install the application on your mobile device. The app is available on Google or the Apple App Store. After downloading, launch the app and click through to create your account. Basic personal information and the linkage of a bank account or debit card to fund your Cash App balance should be furnished by you.

Significantly, when your account is created, you are ready to use the basic functionalities of the Cash App. You must enable BCH in your app to send and receive Bitcoin Cash. This can be done by accessing your profile page and scrolling down the “Crypto” section, where you should tap on “Turn On” next to Bitcoin Cash. You may also need to furnish additional information to confirm your identity. When activated, BCH will send funds.

2. Buy Bitcoin Cash

Before sending BCH via Cash App, you must ensure a Bitcoin Cash balance in your account. Purchasing BCH in Cash App takes just a couple of quick taps.

To purchase BCH, click on the investing tab at the bottom menu bar. This is where you will find the accept Bitcoin Cash option – tap on it and enter how many dollars you want to buy.

Second, you’ll verify your order and be asked to enter a PIN or use Touch/Face ID as added security. A snippet of how much BCH will be given to you from your purchase is displayed when you place the order. You may have to wait until the BCH is deposited in your account since this transaction needs confirmation on the blockchain.

After the BCH is credited to your account, you will find it in the investing tab displaying its current market value. Don’t bother yourself with BCH changes before sending – you will send a fixed amount of BCH, no matter the USD value.

3. Tap the Send Icon

With BCH bought on your Cash App account, it is time to send. Sending Bitcoin Cash using the Cash App requires a simple tap or two.

Click on the investing tab and select your Bitcoin Cash wallet. This will display your current BCH amount. Second, click the paper airplane icon in the top right corner – send button.

4. Enter the Recipient’s Cash App Cashtag or BCH Address

When you click the send icon, a dialogue box will appear where you must enter recipient information. There are two ways you can identify where to send the BCH:

Cashtag: If the recipient is also a Cash App user, you can enter their unique “$cashtag” username. This works like an email address and keeps the transactions within the Cash App environment. Just join their cash tag and the BCH amount you want to send.

BCH Address: For instance, if the recipient has an external Bitcoin Cash wallet address, you must provide their BCH receive address. This is a long sequence of numbers and letters. Be sure to attach it with care and check for mistakes. When sending to a BCH address, you must enter the amount of BCH that should be withdrawn from your account.

Regardless of the option, Cash App will pre-fill an address or cash tag as soon as you start typing, which helps reduce mistakes.

5. Confirm Details and Send!

Once the recipient’s cash tag or address is entered along with the BCH amount, the Cash App will summarize the transaction details and prompt you to confirm. Carefully review the information to ensure it is accurate.

Alternatively, toggle the “Notes” feature to include a brief note with the BCH transfer. This is not mandatory but may be helpful for a payment reference.

When you are ready, click “Confirm” to complete the transfer. As soon as you send the BCH amount, Cash App will withdraw it from your balance and transfer it to the recipient.

For cashtag transfers, the money should be reflected in their Cash App account within seconds. The external BCH wallet transfers may take 10-60 minutes to confirm on the blockchain before appearing in the recipient’s wallet.

Either way – that’s it! You have sent Bitcoin Cash via the Cash App. The transfer will show up in your BCH transaction history so you can see details and check the status. Congratulations on learning how to use the Cash App to send BCH!


Being focused on simplicity and fastness, Cash App has simplified the process of purchasing and storing Bitcoin cash and sending it. Cash App provides a friendly interface for an average individual to be involved in digital payments and blockchain assets like BCH.

You no longer have to worry about withdrawing or sending Bitcoin Cash, as you know how easy it is. After you get comfortable using BCH and learn more about everything that can be done with Bitcoin Cash, it will become your primary option for managing.

So, whether you’re sending funds to family and friends or want to pay a merchant, Cash App enables you to put your Bitcoin Cash to use in a safe and straightforward platform built for mainstream adoption. Give it a try today!

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