5 Reasons Why You Need an Electric Bicycle

Research shows that bicyclists who switched to an electric bike increased the distance of their trips from 28% to 48%. E-bikes make riding easier with peddling assist.

Electric bikes have piqued the interest of many riders, and some have made the switch. Those who realize how many benefits they offer do not hesitate to give them a try.

E-bikes are better for your wallet, your planet, and your rides.

Keep reading to find out why you should switch to an electric bicycle.

  • Improve Your Fitness

When you buy an electric bicycle you can meet more of your fitness objectives. All e-bikes include a peddling assist feature that makes them easier to ride than your average bicycle. Yet, they still boost your heart rate and burn calories.

Many electric bicycles include a screen on the handlebars that track the distance you have gone and the assistance level. It makes it easy to track how much exercise you are getting each time you ride.

  • Save Money

One of the best benefits of electric bicycles is all the money you save. The initial cost of the e-bike can be anywhere from $500 to $3000. But, once it is bought and paid off there is little left to pay.

You don’t need to spend money on gas, and it is rare to need an expensive repair. Electric bikes are tough and easy to maintain for a low cost.

When you have the option to ride your electric bike to your destination instead of driving, you will save money every time.

  • Save the Environment

Electric bikes are environmentally friendly. Today, we should be cutting down on all things that contribute to global warming. When you purchase an electric bicycle, it’s easy to participate in sustainable living.

E-bikes don’t consume fossil fuels, produce harmful gasses, or create a carbon footprint. You can feel good riding an electric bicycle knowing you aren’t doing any damage to our planet.

Additionally, electric bicycles produce very little noise. You will not be contributing to your city’s noise pollution as you ride. An extra perk is that your bike will be lightweight. Thus, it is much easier on paths and roads.

  • Built Sturdy

Don’t let the sleek look of an electric bicycle fool you. They are built to last. Your e-bike may be more reliable than your car. Although, you should know what type you need while you check them out.

Different styles of electric bikes are meant for different terrains. The four main styles are cruiser, road, commuter, and mountain.

Commuter and road bicycles are the most similar. They are both meant to ride on flat pathways and they feature narrow tires. Road bikes are meant to go faster so they have drop handlebars.

Cruisers are also meant for flat paths and roads, but they have thicker tires. A thicker tire and a comfortable seat make for a pleasant ride every time.

Mountain electric bicycles are used on bumpy, off-road trails. They have low handlebars and fat tires to easily navigate mountainous paths.

  • Easy to Ride and Operate

Electric bikes are easily operated, maintained, and ridden. As long as you know how to ride a bicycle, there will be no problem.

All you need to do is power the bike on, and start riding. Some electric bicycles decide how much assistance you need, or you can toggle the settings on the handlebars.

They have an impressive range. Most can go 40 to 80 miles before they lose their charge. If you run out of charge you aren’t stuck either. Simply peddle your way home like a normal bicycle.

Go Get an Electric Bicycle

Are you convinced to go buy an electric bicycle? People who already have known that there are so many more benefits than this. Find out how an e-bike can help you by trying out your own!

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