8 Tips for Keeping Your Decor Current

Social trends are simple and easy to take on, but interior design trends take much longer to execute, making them much more difficult to keep up with. Instead of changing your entire home every other month, we suggest choosing a base and swapping your aesthetics around depending on the current landscape or season. This will allow you to keep up with trends with minimal effort – continue reading to find out more.

Magazine Subscriptions

The internet is full of useful content for any topic you can think of, and interior design is no different. You should subscribe to an Interior design magazine UK, which has information on a variety of relevant topics. Explore different subscriptions until you find the magazine that works for you.

Rotate Accessories

When a new colour comes into fashion, there’s no need to repaint your living room – you can simply rotate your accessories. For example, if you’ve got a natural-coloured sofa, you can contrast this with exciting pillows that follow trends. As well as toying with colour, we recommend experimenting with scale and texture.

Look to Nature

Plants are always trending and will never stop, which is why we’re talking about looking deeper. There is so much colour in nature and it will never become irrelevant because it’s timeless. Play with different shades of green and brown to reflect different moods. Alternatively, you can look towards the ocean and try out different types of blue.

Use Your Wardrobe for Aesthetic Pairing Inspiration

Just because it’s trending, it doesn’t mean you’re going to gel. If you’re struggling to find a trending style to follow, take a look at your wardrobe. A person’s wardrobe says a lot about their personality, likes, and dislikes. Pick out a few outfits and match them up with trending aesthetics – don’t be afraid to create your own style here.

Go Vintage

Vintage decor and furniture will never stop being relevant, so do away with the “fast furniture” and invest in high-quality materials that are easy to repair. Having more durable furniture from the past means it will last longer because it’s already stood the test of time.

Put Up Real Art

Creating an art wall is a great way to add flair to a room, but you should avoid throwing up any old canvas from the store. Instead, search for real and unique art that will add true class to your home. You don’t need to pay a fortune for art, you can look for second-hand work or support an up-and-coming artist.

Stick with the Classics

Classics are so for a reason, so don’t be afraid to embrace them if you aren’t enjoying the latest trends. When you’re buying new furniture, invest in tried and tested styles and colours; you may be in love with the velvet yellow sofa, but it will soon be outdated.

Take Away

Home decor trends have a way of circling back around, and many elements remain throughout the cycle. When you’re decorating your home, consider a natural base paired with colours and textures that can easily be swapped out.

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