9 Celebrities Who Changed Their Looks and We Didn’t Recognize Them

A change in our look is all we need! And the Hollywood celebs do it so perfectly that sometimes they are completely unrecognizable. Do you remember the Paris Hilton black hair phase? Gosh, she completely transformed her appearance just by dyeing her hair black. When her pictures popped up on social media flaunting her gorgeous and silky jet-black hair, even we failed to recognize her until we read her name in the caption!

Similarly, we were shocked to see Rihanna and Kim Kardashian for the first time in their blonde hair! Let’s discuss more about celebrity hair transformation and see whether they are killing in it or making a total disaster of themselves. With no more delay, let’s delve into it!

New ‘Do, New Them!

Eager to know which celebs made some unexpected hair transformations? Then read till the end!


The ‘Only Girl’ singer never fails to amaze with her diva-like attitude, husky voiceand back-to-back Billboard hits. Generally, she slays in her black, but her blonde girl era is an epitome of class and elegance. When for the first time she made her appearance with complete blonde hair, her fans and everyone across the world went gaga over her! With the wavy blonde hair, she really shines bright like a diamond!

Paris Hilton

When we say Paris Hilton, everyone imagines a blonde-haired diva with a classy sunglass on, right? Last year, when the American businesswoman and media personality, Paris Hilton was seen in her jet black her, we thought her to be look-like!

Yes, we have seen a lot of celebs changing their hairstyle and color, but hers was epic! One of Paris Hilton black hair pictures went viral where she is seen wearing a red stunning dress with long mesmerizing black hair, and fans still cannot get over her black hair look!

Florence Pugh

Who else other than us feels that the Oppenheimer star, Florence Pugh should always keep hair cut short?

We mean, yeah the Florence with her shoulder-length blonde hair is definitely gorgeous, but her 2023 Met Gala look with short baby pink and fiery orange hair is something else! Her haircut suits her attitude and septum piercing so nicely that we think she should always maintain this look, showing off class and elegance!

Ashley Tisdale

Do you remember Ashley Tisdale from High School Musical? Finally, she came back to her fringe hair era! The front bangs styled by William Porter have brought back her teenage look! We think bans and fringes complement her face shape, and she should have this haircut more often for her fans!

Miley Cyrus

Have you seen Miley Cyrus in the 66th Annual Grammy Award? Girl, she totally made her fans and haters pick their jaws from the floor with her brunette crimped hair brushed back! The ‘Flowers’ singer who received a Grammy is all over social media with her dashing new look! Her perfect sharp jawline and long brunette hair make her look super-hot and glamorous!

Kourtney Kardashian

Looks like blonde is the new happy hair color!

After Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian has amazed the world with her trimmed blonde hair. Though she keeps changing her hair colors from black, honey blonde, and regular blonde, fans are shocked to see her in short hair. She might be killing in both short and long hair, we think that long hair is her thing!

Megan Fox

How many of you think that Megan Fox is a crush material? With her beauty and sharp facial features, she is definitely one of the hottest actresses in the world! Recently, during the Vanity Fair’s Oscars, she was slaying in her redhead. Like always, she was looking extremely beautiful, but she in black hair is a classic beauty!

Dixie D’Amelio

Another superstar who dyed her hair blonde and totally nailed the look is the social media star Dixie D’Ameliob! Dimitris Giannetos. She was always among the short-haired girls! Recently she chopped off her hair a little more and styled it in a platinum blonde hair. This new hairstyle totally suits her! But we are eager to watch her in long hair too!


The Disney star Raven-Symoné from ‘That’s So Raven’ no longer has those black curly hair. She was spotted with a close-shaven and completely beached hair with some multi-colored polka dots all over her hair. Well, she does look cute, but we definitely miss her long curly hair!

Wrapping Up

Which of these hair transformations do you think is the best of all? Well, among all, we think Paris Hilton in black hair, and Miley Cyrus in brunette hair look the best of all we mentioned in the write-up! We are eagerly waiting for them to surprise us with more such hair transformations!


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