Adding A Hot Tub Or Waterfall To Your Pool

Almost nothing can compare to relaxing by the pool in your own home after a long week.  It is a spot to hang out with family and friends and make fond memories. Many homeowners love their poolside so much that they are constantly looking for ways to make it look more unique and different from what you might see at the community pool down the street.

Installing a waterfall feature in your swimming pool and getting hot tub breaks is a sure way to get relaxed.

Adding a hot tub to your swimming pool

Attaching a hot tub to your pool is a guaranteed way to pimp up your pool if you do not already have it. Different types of designs can be used to add a hot tub to your pool and deciding on which one will be largely dependent on your preference, the size of the yard, and the available pool.

It is also important to note that before installing a hot tub in your pool, you might need to get a permit and hire a professional.

Adding a Waterfall to your swimming pool

Nothing is more stylish than having a waterfall in your swimming pool. A waterfall feature is also so aesthetically pleasing that you feel happier just swimming in the pool.

There are different designs to consider when picking a waterfall feature to add to your pool and deciding on one should largely depend on how much noise you can tolerate from your pool. Some designs will generally make a lot more gushing sounds than others. If you will prefer less noise, speak with the professional before installation.

Why Add a Hot Tub or Waterfall to your Pool?

Apart from improving the aesthetic value, there are many other benefits attached to including a hot tub or waterfall feature to your pool.

A hot tub is a perfect spot to sit and relax with friends and family in private, especially during colder periods where swimming in the cold pool is unreasonable. The hot water offers a calming sensation and can even alleviate pain, lower stress, and improve circulation.

Similarly, the white noise typically made by the waterfall also provides a calm feeling and can make you relax almost instantly. In addition, the waterfall helps with filtration as it keeps the water in motion allowing the pool the ability to clean itself, ensuring the pool stays free of algae, and helping the pool to remain cool during warm weathers.


It is already great to be able to spend time hanging out in the swimming pool but adding a hot tub or a waterfall feature will make the experience even more special. It is vital to hire a professional to add the hot tub or waterfall feature to your pool as they are more knowledgeable and will likely do a better job.

There are many benefits to be gained from installing a hot tub or waterfall to your pool and you should consider getting your pool a pimp up.

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