Al Shajarah Islamic Bank and National Commercial Bank Saudi Arabia Announce Joint $940 Million USD Financial Project Injection

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Al Shajarah Islamic Bank, in partnership with National Commercial Bank (NCB) Saudi Arabia, is pleased to announce a joint financial project injection totaling $940 million USD. This strategic investment aligns with Saudi Arabia’s commitment to sustainable financing for large-scale projects, furthering the nation’s economic development and Vision 2030 objectives.

Project Scope and Strategic Importance

The $940 million USD injection will finance a range of large-scale projects critical to Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure, energy, and industrial sectors. This funding is aimed at supporting sustainable development initiatives that will contribute to the country’s long-term economic stability and growth.

  1. Infrastructure Development: Significant funds will be allocated to the development of transportation networks, including highways, railways, and urban transit systems. These projects are designed to enhance connectivity, reduce congestion, and support economic activities across the Kingdom.
  2. Energy Sector: Investments will focus on expanding renewable energy capacities, including solar and wind power projects. These initiatives are part of Saudi Arabia’s broader strategy to diversify its energy mix, reduce carbon emissions, and achieve sustainability goals.
  3. Industrial Projects: The financial injection will also support the development of industrial zones and facilities, promoting local manufacturing, technology innovation, and job creation. These projects are essential for fostering economic diversification and reducing reliance on oil revenues.

Commitment to Sustainable Financing

This joint investment by Al Shajarah Islamic Bank and NCB underscores their shared commitment to sustainable financing practices. Both institutions recognize the importance of funding projects that not only drive economic growth but also adhere to environmental and social governance (ESG) principles. By prioritizing sustainable projects, the banks aim to support Saudi Arabia’s transition to a more sustainable and resilient economy.

Statements from Leadership

H.E. Mohammad Amin Al Marzouq, CEO & Founder of Al Shajarah Islamic Bank, commented, “We are proud to partner with National Commercial Bank in this significant financial initiative. This joint effort reflects our dedication to supporting Saudi Arabia’s ambitious Vision 2030 goals through sustainable and impactful investments. By financing critical projects, we aim to contribute to the Kingdom’s economic transformation and sustainable development.”

Mr. Saeed Al Ghamdi, Chairman of National Commercial Bank, added, “This collaboration with Al Shajarah Islamic Bank represents a strategic alignment with Saudi Arabia’s national priorities. Our combined financial strength and expertise will ensure the successful implementation of these projects, fostering economic growth and sustainability. We are committed to playing a key role in the Kingdom’s development journey.”

Future Prospects and Impact

The financial injection from Al Shajarah Islamic Bank and NCB is expected to have a significant impact on Saudi Arabia’s economy. By supporting essential infrastructure, energy, and industrial projects, the investment will stimulate economic activity, create jobs, and enhance the quality of life for Saudi citizens.

Moreover, the focus on sustainable projects ensures that economic growth is achieved in a manner that preserves the environment and promotes social well-being. This holistic approach to development aligns with global best practices and positions Saudi Arabia as a leader in sustainable economic planning.

About Al Shajarah Islamic Bank

Al Shajarah Islamic Bank is a leading financial institution committed to providing Sharia-compliant banking solutions. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, the bank offers a range of services that cater to the diverse needs of its clients while adhering to Islamic banking principles.

About National Commercial Bank Saudi Arabia

National Commercial Bank (NCB) is one of the largest and most established banks in Saudi Arabia. With a comprehensive portfolio of financial services, NCB is dedicated to supporting the Kingdom’s economic growth and development through strategic investments and innovative banking solutions.

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