Sentence And Formatting Mistakes To Avoid In Essays

When writing essays, the number one goal of any student is to avoid essay mistakes. Do you often wonder why essay writing demands too much effort? It is only obvious that you will look around and ask, “Who can write my essay?” The essay writing process starts with choosing a topic and researching but ends with editing & proofreading. This means you must check your grammar, content, and formatting before submission.


Mistakes are common during essay writing hence you can either get college paper help from professionals or anyone with experience or do it yourself. Today, we are going to list out the formatting errors that students commonly make.


Most common sentence and formatting mistakes that you must avoid:


  • If there is too much text and less white space then a reader would not be up for it to read. A reader would always be more inclined towards reading small sentences against white space. You can always get college paper help from professors and seniors if needed.


  • Avoid too many capital letters in the essay. It looks too bold and makes it heavy for the reader.


  • Do not interrupt a reader’s flow by introducing unnecessary breaks in between. It should be a smooth read for readers. A paragraph of appropriate length will be enough. Ask around “ can someone write my essay?” to get some suggestions from experienced people such as friends, family, or professors from your institution.


  • Be consistent with margin, font, and indentation. The most common academic formatting guidelines suggest 12 pt. for font size, Times New Roman for font style, and 1” margin on all sides. Consistency in formatting gives your essay a professional look.


  • Keep an eye on your essay structure. A standard format includes 5 paragraphs. 1 paragraph reserved for introduction and conclusion each. 3 paragraphs reserved for the middle body.


  • Sentences should be 12-15 words max. Longer sentences are difficult to follow and hence readers might feel lost. The only way to keep your reader intrigued is short sentences that are simple and short.


  • Paragraphs should be of apt length. Anywhere between 120-150 words are good enough. Extending beyond this will be again overwhelming. Since you are providing information it will be too much for the reader to read on the go. Divide the information equally throughout the essay.


  • Sentences can be checked for readability using grammar tools. There are online tools like Grammarly that indicate the readability score. You can always edit your work once completed using the premium version of Grammarly.



It is obvious that you will make mistakes while writing your essay. No one can write flawless content on the first attempt. But it’s your job to clear those errors before you submit your essay. Your marks will be deducted for typos, punctuation & spelling mistakes, etc. Hence, after working so hard on your writing and researching process it would demoralize you to lose marks over silly mistakes. Use the tips given above and read the list of mistakes you must avoid at all costs.


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