Baby girls blanket patterns to consider when decorating the bedroom

You have a baby – what an exciting time in your life! You can’t wait to spoil it and start decorating the children’s room. One of the ways to start working on nursery decoration is to choose a baby blanket or even the entire cot and develop the design further through the nursery. Usually, the bed linen in general and the blanket, in particular, are the main design elements and are a perfect reference point in the choice of complementary colors and accessories to complete the image. Blankets and daybeds come in hundreds of styles that might be a little overwhelming, but here are five popular ones to consider: see more products

Fairy princesses

Hot UK deals Fairy princesses are excellent and versatile little girl models. Most of these baby blankets are based on the fable of Cinderella and feature scenes with the beautiful princess and her carriage, the fairy Mother of God with a magic wand, the handsome prince, the heavily turreted castle, the legendary slipper of glass. Previous models were predominantly pink and once parents turned their backs on the “sugar” theme. However, contemporary designs introduce new colors such as gold, sage, white, and shades of blue which add a lively and fresh touch to the design. jojo maman bebe discount code

Little african american girl in red summer clothes and a straw hat on a white background in the studio Premium Photo

Angels and cherubs on a baby blanket are always comforting and are another great choice for nursery decoration. You can find designs with angels playing or flying around in pairs, or just with asterisks keeping peace in the crib. There are also baby blankets depicting cherubs of babies sleeping, smiling or playing pranks surrounded by fluffy clouds, flowers, blue skies, and so on. The colors are bright and clear and can be a mix of sky blue, light pink, shades of white. , fresh green and slightly yellow.

As many parents already know, dressing time is a favorite activity for little girls. There are many baby blankets that feature little girls in various period dresses or collections of party dresses, rolled-up dresses, weird dresses. The attractive costumes worn by beautiful little girls and the special dresses are presented in various cheerful colors: pink, lavender, mint green, blue and yellow.

Puppies, kittens, teddy bears, and all creatures and pets are another popular baby blanket project. Cute teddy bears rolling a ball or sharing buildings, kittens drinking milk or playing with threads, sleeping babies or chasing butterflies – the designs are endless. The color palette is not limited to traditional pink but is a cheerful and bright mix of blues, browns, reds, and even purples and yellows.

Beautiful little gardens

Another popular baby blanket theme involves flowers in bouquets or on lawns, in beautiful little gardens with the company of red ladies and brightly colored butterflies, or cared for by pretty little girls. Sometimes they come with the message “flower power” and other times they are just delicate, beautiful, and soft buds, swaying in the summer breeze. The blue of the sky, the green of the grass, the yellow of the sun, and the white of the clouds combine beautifully with every possible color of the flowers.

Blanket designs are just the starting point for decorating your bedroom. Painting the walls, adding decorative elements, regional rugs, tapestries, toys, and curtains will bring the chosen baby blanket to life and make it unique and personalized – a perfect retreat for your little girl.

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