Business Travelers Need to Sleep Too: The “Sloodie” can Help

A Travel Sleep device that helps with Window seat, Middle Seat and Aisle seat sleeping while on weekly Business trips.

We all want to sleep comfortably on plane trips. Unfortunately, that is getting harder and harder because it seems like we have less and less room on plane seats every year. Less leg room and less shoulder & arm room.

Well here is something you probably haven’t tried for improved rest on planes. It’s called the Sleep Hoodie or “Sloodie” by this company called SKY-HAVEN. They even offer a 1-year trial period to return your Sleep Hoodie for a full refund if you have tried it on 2 flights and it did not benefit you.

These Hoodies don’t look classy per say, but they get the job done, and that is what matters, when it’s late on Friday flight after a long week and you just need a few hours of quality rest, the oversized hood on these hoodies alone gets the job done, that’s for sure.

Small business travelers beware – you may be asked by your neighbor where you bought this and where they can get one  And that is completely fine you will probably be happy to tell them, if you aren’t fast asleep that is. This company sells them on their website currently at I couldn’t find them much place else except Walmart’s online store, but they are more expensive there.

Flying during the week, especially internationally & longer distances, quickly gets old if you don’t have the right stockpile of travel accessories. If you are like me and don’t mind throwing a hoodie over your head, you will want to add the Sloodie to your bag of travel tricks.

It comes in three adjustable sizes and three colors, including a charcoal gray with black mesh hood. Again, you wouldn’t buy these for style. It is more like a travel pillow, in that you don’t buy it for the fashion statement but for the comfort.

Most business travelers during flights prefer to read or complete their list of tasks for the day on their laptop. However, on a longer flight 6+ hours, at some point you need to catch some shut-eye for an hour. Try a Travel Sloodie for that much needed rest, I doubt you will be disappointed.

Most travel pillows don’t offer adjustable neck cushions either. These ones are adjustable, in that there are 3 different loop settings for your preferred level of tightness of the cushions around your neck.

Business travelers may not be down to wear a hoodie on their trip,  but the Sloodie is not a hoodie and these neck cushions are worth trying out.

Travel well out there wherever your next journey leads !

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