Can I Get NICOP Renewal Same Day?

If you use the Nadra Card Center’s accelerated NICOP renewal services, you can submit your application and have it processed the same day. As soon as we receive the required paperwork from you, we will handle your application right away and provide you with a digital copy for fingerprinting. After your application is finished, we will start the application process and send you a submission letter stating that your Nadra Card Renewal Online application has been submitted. This document confirms that you have permission to visit Pakistan.

Advantages of Opting for Expedited Services:

Considerably more benefits come with quicker NICOP renewal services. These are a few:

  • When compared to regular services, expedited NICOP renewal services usually have a quicker processing period. Although a NICOP renewal application typically takes four to six weeks to process, expedited services can cut this time down considerably. 
  • You are capable of receiving your renewed NICOP in a shorter amount of time if you choose expedited services. It is intended to be faster than the typical delivery time, even though the precise delivery time may differ.
  • Using expedited services frequently entitles you to priority processing, which means your application will be handled before those in line. This can be very helpful if you urgently need your NICOP reissued.

It is crucial to remember that the country from which you are applying and the case you have, will determine whether or not expedited NICOP renewal services are available. 

Procedure to Get Submission Letter:

You must first confirm your eligibility, usually as a Pakistani citizen living overseas with a current NICOP that is still valid, before beginning the renewal process for your NICOP (National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis). Obtain the necessary paperwork, such as your passport-sized photos, proof of foreign residency, your current NICOP, and a valid passport. Open the Nadra Card Center UK website, get the NICOP renewal application form, fill it out completely, and write a cover letter explaining your desire. Assemble all required materials into a logical package, prepare payment for any applicable fees, and keep track of your submission. You can then monitor the status of your application. Once finished, get your Renewed NICOP by following the instructions. By choosing our accelerated option, you can expedite the NICOP renewal process and save time. We ensure that you have all the necessary documentation to accelerate your travel and complete the remaining procedures for your NICOP renewal with our submission letter.

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