Complete guide of Huawei Band 4 pro unique features

Huawei has added a new fitness band to its wearable’s portfolio – huawei Band 4 Pro. Huawei’s latest wearable comes equipped with a heart rate sensor as well as a SpO2 sensor for gauging blood oxygen saturation levels. It can track 11 different types of exercises, and also has an activity alert feature that reminds users of detecting prolonged sedentary sessions. Let’s discuss this in detail

Features of Huawei band 4 pro

The huawei band 4 pro has a point nine five-inch display, a 240 by 120-pixel screen resolution. Well personally speaking while orange is my jam I do love that the band 4 Pro comes in a nice crimson color which kind of goes well with microwave three buds. So not enough of my jogging to complete a novel. A side row pedometer in the huawei band 4 pro tracks your sleep and tracks your heart rate as well. The huawei band 4 pro also tells you that during exercise how many calories you burn theoretically and how many steps you did during that time. If you are going to swim you should not worry because it’s super water resistant up to 50 meters.

One of the better key features of the huawei band 4 pro which is not available on the band 4 is that it has its GPS tracking meaning it doesn’t rely on your phone anymore it can track everything and you can connect it to your phone later on what does that do it and you know make a landline if you’re a long-distance runner and you don’t want to be lugging your phone with you. You can just wear your huawei band 4 Pro and you’re good to go. You can use your band 4 pro as well to play songs or close songs, check if you have messages, and or accept or deny calls, and one of the more fun things to do with the Huawei bands 4 pro is to change purchase watch pieces.

Benefits of huawei band 4 pro

The huawei band 4 pro more or less gives you a bird’s eye view of how healthy your lifestyle is. All you have to do is to link it with the far-away health app and it’s going to show you an accurate representation of whatever it is that you did for the day.

Even in sleep pattern, you can see deep sleep the rTMS or your light sleep it even tracks naps within the day pretty much similar to the band for the far away band for pro has various workouts see modes. So, you have the luxury to set the workout mode according to your needs. If you are jogging, swimming or it’s elliptical. It can even track that and you want to do this so that you can get an accurate representation of any mode.


Unfortunately, one of the key features that we have in band 4 was taken out on the huawei band 4 pro. This is predominantly the ability for you to charge your band 4 on any USB power device whether it be your laptop, an actual charger, or a power bank. With the huawei band 4 pro you need to carry this device on you or else you won’t have any juice but the good news is one charge of this can theoretically run for anywhere from seven to twelve days that’s more than what the band can do.

Final Remarks

The great thing about this is how unbelievably affordable it is with all the tech that’s found in this convenience. We’re about this far away from bands 4 pro only comes down to two thousand nine hundred ninety. I don’t think the huawei band 4 pro is an expensive deal you must avail this device and enjoy the latest features.



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