Custom Sleeve Boxes Are What Customers Want These Days

Whether you are new to the business or someone who has been in the business for far too long, you know one thing: customers love to have sleeve box packaging

Nothing makes a customer giddier and more excited than opening a sleeve box, and we all know why. The sleeve boxes are designed in an elegant way to make the unboxing experience full of fun. 

So, why should you stay behind? You must also jump on the bandwagon and have these beautiful custom sleeve boxes for your brand. 

Pick A Material For Your Sleeve Box Packaging 

A sleeve box packaging has two main parts; the base and the sleeve. So, why not use different materials for both of them?

This technique will help you save money because all you need is sturdy packaging for the base holding the product, and you can go for some lighter material for the sleeve. 

Have you looked at specific wristwatches when they come in sleeve boxes? They are made from rigid boxes. You can go for the material depending on how “luxury” your product is. 

For instance, you can use paperboard packaging if you sell hair accessories or earrings. This packaging is not only lightweight but helps in lowering the overall cost of shipping. But it is also sustainable that saves the environment. 

Many paper sleeve packaging UK manufacturers for your custom sleeve boxes can be found. 

You can also go for cardboard packaging or kraft boxes for items that need more protection, like bath bombs or heavier products. These two are better at protecting the product than a mere paperboard.

They are also sustainable, which is the key factor to getting sales. Products like bath bombs need extra protection, and these boxes can do that. 

If you are looking for something better for your products, you must go for corrugated cardboard or rigid boxes. 

Rigid boxes can be used for fancy and expensive items like rings, earrings, pendants, etc. In contrast, corrugated cardboard can be used for less expensive items. 

No matter what you choose, remember that all these materials are sustainable and help save the ecology. You can also use soy ink instead of petroleum, making it even better.

Soy ink is extracted from plants and produces toxic-free printing ink and gives sharper images and brighter colours. 

Decide Some Colours

Are you going for monochrome packaging, or are you looking for gradients? You can either have different colours for the base and sleeve or try the same. 

The trendy colours these days are pastels, nude shades, earthy tones, and some vibrant colours. You can go for retro colours, the colours that bring back vintage. 

All-Black custom sleeves boxes are the IT boxes you can have on your shopfront. No matter how many years pass, the black colour will never be de-throned. 

How about choosing different shades of the same colour? This will also help in getting the attention your custom sleeve boxes deserve. You can always go for a dark pink and light pink for the sleeves and base. 

Another important thing to remember is that you must choose colours in accordance to the product inside. Suppose its Jewellery, so you must see what colours it has. Use these colours on the packaging. 

Find Some Inspiring Designs

Most brands look for a backstory in their designs, or some go and connect it to their logo. You can do both or have something you are sure customers would love to see. 

How about having a look at the internet? You can always search for what is customers’ favourite these days and have it in your packaging. 

If they want white designs on the colourful packaging, go for it. Who said your printing has to be with black ink? Use some colours to make your packaging attractive. 

If you are going for a beige background, go for purple ink to have your designs on the custom sleeve boxes. Choose your colours wisely because you need to have the customers on your doorstep. 

You can just have printed box sleeves and leave the base simple to have an elegant touch to the overall boxes. 

Use Beautiful Finishes

Now you need to top off your custom sleeve boxes like you top off your cake with cherries. How about having some beautiful finishes on the boxes?

Go for these famous finishes to highlight your logo and let the customers identify it from the far-off place.

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Matte
  • Gloss
  • Spot UV
  • Hot Foil Stamping 

Whether you want to have a raised logo or a deepened effect on it, whether you want a sober touch or some shine on the boxes, if you wish to glow with just the logo, or if you want your logo to have gold or silver foil, you must try these finishes on your custom sleeve boxes. 

Summarising The Above Discussion

Get custom sleeve box packaging at affordable rates and beautiful customisations from the packaging companies. 

If you want to be one of the famous brands, you must include these custom sleeve boxes in your store.

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