Dermatologist Recommended Sunburn Treatment

A tough enough Sun bath is necessary for every individual as it helps form Vitamin D in the body. But sometimes, an extra amount of sun can burn your skin. Skin can be protected using several sunscreens and sunblocks. You can use your dermatologist-recommended sunscreen that would be a perfect fit for your skin at an afro hair and beauty store. If your skin isn’t protected via sunscreen or sunblock, harmful sun rays can damage your skin. A sunburn starts with skin irritation and a stinking effect.

The important part is to start treating the sunburns as soon as you notice them. There are several ways through which sunburns can be treated effectively. You can use various things to treat your sunburns, but here below in this article, we will list recommendations by certified dermatologists that, if followed, can cure your skin burns quickly.

Adverse Effects of Sun Burns on the Skin

Sunburns are caused as a result of overexposure to the sun. Especially the Ultraviolet UV rays, the longer you are exposed to them, the more severely your skin would be burned. People with brighter skin tones are more affected by sunburns than those with black skin tones. Mild sunburns can be treated within a short period of 3 to 5 days. At the same time, serving sunburns can take a couple of weeks. According to expert dermatologists, if skin burns aren’t treated correctly, they can lead to various long-term skin damages or even cause skin cancer if left untreated.

How to Protect your Skin from Sun Burns

The most effective way to treat sunburn is a simple right-hand thumb rule, which is to use sunscreens every time you go out shopping, office, or in parks on a sunny day. However, for better protection, it is also necessary to use it on cloudy days.

The other important parameter in sunburn protection is to reapply the sunscreens after every two hours and more frequently if you are taking water dips. There are several types of sunscreens that you can find at afro hair and beauty store BeautyFlex UK. Different sunscreens last differently. Some last for 20 minutes and some can last up to 3 hours. Some are water resistant, and some aren’t, so you need to take care if you are hanging outdoors. It’s a better practice refreshing your sunscreen every two hours.

How to Treat Sunburns Quickly

Sunburns commonly cause damage to the upper layer of the skin. Whenever damage is caused to the skin, replacing the dead skin with healthy one requires a certain amount of time. The healing process is time-consuming, but many affected victims keep asking how to treat sunburns naturally? The best and simplified natural remedies that can not only help cure sunburns but can also speed up the healing process are listed below:

  • Getting plenty of rest
  • Staying Hydrated
  • Moisturizing Your Skin

The remedies mentioned above are best for 1st-degree mild sunburns, but if your sunburns are more intense, then these remedies might not be fruitful for you. If the treatments mentioned above don’t work for you, then there are some other tips to fast up the sunburn healing process, which are listed below:

Take an anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID)

A NASID such as ibuprofen, if taken immediately after sunburns, can help decrease inflammation.

Get Rest and Sleep well.

Rest and sleep increase the production of specific cytokines that can help control inflammation. This increases the ability of the body to heal against sunburns quickly.

Avoid smoke and Tobacco.

Tobacco intake can decrease the natural healing process of the body. Therefore, while curing sunburns, one should avoid tobacco intake as much as possible.

Apply Aloe Vera

Aloin in Aloe Vera reduces inflammation and keeps the skin moisturized. As a result, it will help the healing process.

Take Cold Showers

American dermatologists recommend taking cool showers to soothe your skin. After taking the showers, don’t leave the sun burnt area dry keep it moisturized.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is one of the best methods to cure sunburns naturally.

Preventing Your Skin from Sun Burns

According to CDC, some ways that, if adopted and followed, can help you prevent sunburns.

Avoid Going out in the sunniest times.

One should avoid going out in sun peak times like 11: 00 am to 5: 00 pm. It would be best not to go out or expose your skin. If you still feel like finishing some important chores and sun exposure is necessary, make it indirect by applying different sunscreens and sunblocks.

Apply a sunscreen

A sunscreen with at least SPF 15 should be applied to the skin if you are directly exposed to the sun. Sunscreens can reduce the effective % of getting sunburns. Moreover, you can find a wide variety of sunscreens at the afro hair and beauty store. We recommend Skin Protect SPF 50.

Wear UPF Clothing

UPF clothes are those clothes that block the sun’s rays. Therefore, wearing UFP clothes can provide extra protection and prevention against sunburns.

Seek a shade

You have to go out on a sunny day, and the sun is still for a prolonged period. Therefore, taking an umbrella for shade with you is better than avoiding direct sun exposure.

Wearing a Hat and Glasses

A hat and glasses can eventually protect your ears and eyes from direct UV contact. As a result, the risk of getting sunburn decreases.

Final Words

Excess of everything is bad; similarly, over-exposure to sun rays can cause sunburns even though a certain amount is used to form Vitamin D. There is no one-day remedy to cure sunburns. The damaged skin requires time to heal. The processes can be made fast by following the procedures mentioned earlier.

These all remedies listed above can cure mild sunburns, but if you have an intense sunburn and severe blistering, we recommend you seek a doctor as soon as possible.


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