Foremost CPUs for RTX 3070

With its new generation of graphics cards, Nvidia puts us in awe. 4K resolution, ray-tracing management, all in ultra and for demanding games: so many feats now possible. If the RTX 3090 is the ultimate benchmark, the RTX 3070 is also doing like a charm.

It is now necessary to choose the right processor, the one which will be able to fully support and exploit the resources of the graphics card in question. We start the selection with AMD’s products, then move on to Intel’s.

Intel Core i9 10900K:-

It is undoubtedly one – if not the – of the best reviewed CPUs for RTX 3070 available on the market and released during the year 2020. Intel does not intend to lead the competition on the number of cores: the technical sheet remains relatively standard on this side, with 10 cores (or 20 threads thanks to Hyper Threading).

With its base frequency of 3.70 GHz, the i9 impresses especially with its turbo mode, which allows reaching 5.30 GHz with ease. Its 20 MB cache memory allows you to launch a number of standard and voracious applications in record time. And despite all the power it shows, its TDP remains perfectly under control, at 125 W.

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X:-

From a higher range than the previous one, this is also best reviewed CPU for RTX 3070 however in second position, because its price is much higher. However, it remains justified in view of the performance of the beast. Its 12 cores and 24 threads make it a particularly versatile CPU, as good in gaming as it is in applications. It has a base clock frequency of 3.70 GHz and a turbo of 4.80 GHz (4.50 GHz for all cores).

The processor faces stiff competition from Intel benchmarks. For example, it supplants the i7-10700K on all points, both application and game even though the prices remain very similar. The various benchmarks thus place this processor in 5th position in terms of speed, where the Intel benchmark reaches 9th place.

Intel Core i7 10700K:-

Now we come to competitor AMD, the historic leader in the field. Although competing, Intel does not fail to seduce its aficionados with products known for their durability and performance. The i7 10700K is no exception, and while battered by the Ryzen 9 5900X, that doesn’t stop it from excelling. Its in-game performance is quite convincing in fact, we see that the performance remains very close to other Intel processors (but more expensive), such as the i9 10900K and i9 9900K.

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X:-

He is without a doubt our favorite! While the best reviewed CPU for RTX 3070 is surpassed by other benchmarks when it comes to performance, it is undoubtedly the most attractive value for money. Fully exploiting the potential of the graphics card, however, this processor will not make a dent in your budget.

In fact, the performance is undeniable. As for the game, you can easily play in resolutions higher than full HD, without sacrificing (too much) FPS. WQHD and 4K are therefore open to you. The manufacturer provides different modes according to your activities, including the “game” mode. The only problem is sometimes the gaming mode does not start at the same time as the game. If you want to activate it, you will have to restart the computer for the change to take effect.

Intel Core i5-10600K:-

This is certainly not a new generation, but the i5 in question achieves superb feats when coupled with the RTX 3070. The Comet Lake architecture is still in the game, counting on 6 cores (or 12 threads), for a 4.8 GHz max boosted clock frequency.

Obviously, in the game, you can expect feats of it. In 1080p and maximum graphics, you can count on an average of 135 FPS on Far Cry 5 or 140 FPS in Fallout 4. Intel confirms its (relative) progress on AMD the i5-10600K thus achieves the performance of a Ryzen 7 3700X and Ryzen 9 3950X. Count around 47 FPS on average for the game in question.

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