The 10 Different Lifestyles Of American Peoples

Different Lifestyles Of American Peoples

10 Types of People Lifestyle


There are hundreds of different lifestyles in the world but these are the ten types of people who live the following also check this Portal

Different Lifestyles Of American Peoples

  • Chameleons

Chameleons are people who change their lifestyles to suit the situation. If they want to become a social butterfly, then they do that. 

When they are hosting a party, they become totally different people just to ensure that they end up with the best people.

  • The Geordie-it Guy

This is the guy who seems to be the happiest wherever he goes. The Geordie-it guy could be your neighbor, at work, or anywhere else. 

His smile is larger than the sun and he is proud of it. He is ready to interact with everyone just because he is great at his job.

  • The Couch Potatoes

If you saw an attractive woman sitting on the couch with a man as she watched tv on a Saturday night, the most probable guess would be couch potatoes. 

The couple is relaxed on the sofa watching a show and enjoying each other’s company. There is a high probability that they never have an active lifestyle. They are probably getting fat and spending lots of money on sitting on the couch.

  • The Typical American Citizen

This is a normal American citizen. They have great careers, houses, children, cars and have lots of money, but you wouldn’t guess that by talking to them. 

All they care about is their car, their job, and their families. They are seen at the gym or at school with the typical white-collared businessmen. They are part of the generation that believes in living the American dream.

  • The Gluttonous Boring American

When you ask them to explain their dreams, the typical American citizen will tell you that they want a boring life like the mannequins in department stores. 

If you ask them to describe the typical American citizen, they will respond by saying that he is extremely fat, bald and has failed to be any different from his father.

  • The Social Butterfly

When they aren’t working, they are either at a club or at home where they spend their nights drinking and chatting with their friends. They will have an active social life, where they will get together and go on a lot of holidays.

  • The Extroverted and Confident Dude

This is the man who loves talking and always makes friends with everyone. He always knows what to say and he has a positive outlook on life. 

He is usually very funny and enjoys talking to people. He is never afraid to say the first thing that pops into his head.

  • The Culprit

This is the man who is currently in prison and everyone knows that he is guilty. You can’t trust him, you cannot rely on him, and when you do trust him, he will always do something wrong. He always does the wrong thing and people hate him, but he can’t stop himself from being the way he is.

  • The Neighborhood Hero

This man is like the wise old man. He knows everything about everyone and everything in the neighborhood. He keeps an eye on everything, not just because he likes to watch, but he also has to protect and keep everyone safe.

  • The Maniac

This man has a mental illness that no one knows about. He seems like the coolest guy, but he will be violent and unpredictable. He will never hurt anyone, but he will always break things, get in fights and steal.

A few people have found out that this is not the case. These people go to work, have a social life, take care of their kids and make great choices in life and check these Guest posts as well.

What do you think? Do you have a sign to identify the most healthy people you know? Let us know in the comments.

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