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Money View Personal Loan

The personal loan is designed to meet your financial needs and it aims at helping you plan for your future as well, as it offers a life of luxury and gratification. The best thing about such a loan is that it is offered at rates as per the approval of the lender, so you can forget those hustles of following up with your bank. If you are thinking of taking a loan, but want to avoid the hassle of documentation and collateral requirements, you can simply apply for a personal loan. Use it to buy things online, pay bills, or shop for the latest designer clothes.


Personal loans from Money View are designed for quick and stress-free approval and disbursal. The loan is sanctioned without any evaluation of an asset and can be used by the borrower for any purpose. As of late, the general public has seen a rising interest in personal loans. A large number of potential applicants are beginning to explore their options regarding a personal loan because of the ease and affordability it provides to them.

Personal loans from Money View are the future of lending, thereby increasing in popularity. There are many reasons for this growth in popularity. The lack of collateral requirements makes these loans very attractive. The lender, which might be your bank or a financial institution, charges you interest on the principal and charges an origination fee on top of it as well.

Whenever you apply for a personal loan at Money View, you need to submit certain documents with your loan application. The documents that you submit will vary depending on your financial situation and the type of loan that you want. If you are not able to arrange the documents within a specific period then the respective documents will be requested again by the respective bank that you have given them for processing your personal loan application. This may delay the processing of your personal loan application. The outcome may lead to decline in credit score.

Applying for a Personal Loan:

Money view Personal loan application is not a lengthy process but is surely a detailed process. It requires the submission of personal and financial data, as well as documentation. Your application will be considered incomplete without the required documents, so we urge you to prepare them in advance and submit them with your application. The documents that are required for applying for a personal loan with Money View are as follows :

1. Address Proof

A lot of credibility is given to the address proof. The address proof is one of the first things that a lender checks. Lenders check credit scores and other factors and they verify the validity of the document using the document verifier tool. Banks are very strict in the loan application. It will be hard to get the loan if you don’t have any proof of address. However, while giving the address proof, the applicant can give one of the documents that are mentioned below.

  • Aadhaar Card of the applicant
  • Driver License of the applicant and should be valid.
  • Indian Passport of the applicant and should be valid.
  • The voter ID Card of the applicant should be valid.
  • Bills of Telephone/Electricity/Gas/Water and must be of less than 60 days while applying for the personal loan.

While filling the application and uploading the bills, they should clearly have the name and address written of the applicant. This helps in better confirmation of the loan and you will get the loan easily and fastly. If there is no proper address or insufficient detail in your residence proof then it can lead to rejection of your application.

2. Identity Proof

If you are applying for a personal loan then you need to show your identity proof. If you send the identity proof which is having some issues then your loan application can be denied. Banker has the right to check the details of your loan application. The identity proof should be valid and genuine because it is the only thing that lenders rely upon once they come to know that you applied for a loan.

However, for identity proof, you can submit your PAN Card which is the primary source of identification. Though, if you don’t have PAN Card for any reason, then you need to submit at least one of the document mentioned below :

  • Aadhaar Card of the applicant
  • Driver License of the applicant and should be valid.
  • Indian Passport of the applicant and should be valid.
  • The voter ID Card of the applicant should be valid.

The bank or financial institution makes the credit available to the loan seeker, after ascertaining his or her credentials through proper channels. If you do not provide proper identity proof, then it means that you will not be considered eligible for personal loans and the purpose of advance money will not be served.

3. Income Proof

Income proof is essential when you apply for a personal loan. In fact, it is also one of the three basic requirements that a lender looks at, along with address proof and identity proof. Usually, the lender doesn’t ask you to submit your income certificate or a pay slip. There are a few lenders that will ask you to submit these documents though. However, income proof is given in two categories : Salaried Individuals and Self Employed individuals. For both of them, the process is different and thus they have to submit different documents.

  • Salaried Applicants: Applicants who are in the salaried category need to attach their last 3 months bank statements along with a certificate from their employer that they are still in service. The salary credits should be clear in the PDF and the applicant should be honest in it.
  • Self Employed Applicants: For Self-Employed, provide proof of business income in the form of copies of your last 3 months’ bank statements. The bank statement should reflect income and other income. The income should be clear in the PDF and the applicant should be honest in it.

While the okyc process sounds quite simple, it is vital that your personal loan application is complete with all the required documents before you are able to obtain your loan package. Hence, please ensure all of the documents are uploaded online once you have initiated the process. Also, it is important to note that this step cannot be taken at a later time, as it is an integral part of your application process.

You can also get an official copy of your loan documents from your bank upon request. Over the past few decades, personal loan products have emerged that cover all possible repayment schedules, with varying interest rates and loan amounts.

What if the Documents are missing?

Whenever you apply for a loan, bank officials always ask for some supporting documents. A verification is done of the documents, your financial data and personal details before the final decision is taken. Personal loan application or loan approval can be declined for many reasons. Lenders take a number of documents in order to verify your financial position, income and expenses.

When you take up a personal loan, the finance company will consider the past repayment record, credit history and employment details of the borrower to approve or reject the application. The credit history is an organized timeline of all the financial transactions made by you. Thus, this is all tested with the help of the documents that will be provided by the applicant in the application.

When it comes to filling in a loan application form you must provide all the required documents. If you fail to do that, then that will lead to rejection of your personal loan application. So, you must pay attention towards providing all the required documents in your application form rather than placing the vital documents in the appendix section of the personal loan application form.

Money view will make all efforts to contact you via email, mail or telephone if the documents are not available or are incomplete. However, if Money view is unable to contact you on the phone numbers provided by you, then your loan will be treated as incomplete at Money view end.


The concept of issuing unsecured loans without any need for collateral has been trending globally over the years with the emergence of new online lending platforms. Personal loans make a lot of sense because there is a lot of competition among companies offering personal loans and hence, the interest rates charged by them are sometimes way too low making them an offer that is very difficult to refuse. In this case, getting a personal loan from a financial institution is not just recommended but also highly desirable. Thus with Money View, you need to arrange the documents that are stated above and must make sure that you are eligible for the loan. For more details, you can visit the Money View website or download the loan app to avail a loan today.

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