Does Kina and Tam do Dropshipping?

King and Tam is a clothing brand based out of Australia and has most of its customers in North America. It has gained popularity in the trending thrift space due to its unique styling and fun-to-wear clothes. Kina and Tam produce clothes with youthlike designs and vibrant colours to bring out the child in you!

Kina and Tam have advertised their clothes as the best you can find in this price range, but the real question is whether they stand to their word. With this Kina and Tam review, we will clear all your doubts regarding their products and if you should buy them.

What Is The Design Style Of Kina and Tam?

As mentioned on their website, Kina and Tam is a brand built by two adult women with the heart of adolescents and a product catalogue to match the same spirit. Kina and Tam have everything you need to complete an outfit, including vests, cardigans, sweaters, loungewear and even accessories like bags or phone cases.

Kina and Tam maintain their childish theme in all their products with bright colours and simplistic details. Rather than sticking to fashion guidelines or mainstream choices, their brand focuses on making the most authentic designs that come straight from their heart!

Do Kina and Tam Do Dropshipping?

Many of the potential customers going through review sites may have seen that Kina and Tam using dropshipping for their products. While this was true before, Kina and Tam have since partnered up with four factories based in China, three of which have BSCI certification.

Kina and Tam dropshipping is a popular subject in many review with various early customers of the brand receiving bad quality products and shipping delays, thus leading to a bad experience with the brand.

However, this does not seem to be the case.

Upon our inspection, we found that all their products are manufactured and sourced form BSCI certified factories. They oversee each aspect of the production process and ensure that deliveries are done in desired time.

Do Kina And Tam Pirate Designs?

You may see some websites claiming that Kina and Tam use designs from other Chinese websites for their products. Kina and Tam’s products are authentic with production from China; they are not dropshipped. Instead, they are sourced to factories in China.

Even looking at their designs, you will see for yourself that their designs are quite unique and eye-catching while having lowkey graphics. Kina and Tam design every piece of clothing and accessories as a symbol of their brand, thus emphasizing on bringing back the child in you!

Why Should Anyone Buy From Kina And Tam?

Their authenticity and transparency make Kina and Tam different from other brands. Unlike other brands in the segment, Kina and Tam ensure that their products are up to the mark and produced with the environment as the priority. Kina and Tam have produced their clothes with partner factories in China. They have maintained a high level of professionalism and ethics with their products so their customers stay attached to the brand.


It is clear that Kina and Tam do not dropship their products from other shopping sites like AliExpress and Ali baba. Rather, they produce their clothes from four partner factories located in different locations of China. All their production processes are done while keeping ethical policies as priority rather than other clothing brands.

If you want unique clothes with a sense of youthfulness without sacrificing quality then Kina and Tam is the best for you!

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