Fabric paint pens or markers are helpful rather than paintbrushes. It is a straightforward method of painting, even especially for kids. Kids can grip pens efficiently than brushes, and if you want to make thin lines on shirts, not everybody can handle brush, but paint pens give you great control. You can also use fabric paint pens with stencils and even with rubber stamps.

What makes a pen a fabric pen?

Fabric paint pens contain permanent color (Paint, dye, or ink). It makes the paint permanent on your cloth and helps to not fade with washing. Fabric paint markers come in many different colors that make your material colorful and do not come off after washing.

Size varieties in fabric markers

Fabric markers have many different sizes with thick and thin tips like painting brushes. The marker’s tip should be more delicate. It will help you make a thinner line easily on fabric. If you want to work on a wider line, don’t press the tip to make it wider it can damage the marker’s tip. You can tilt your pen slightly to create the line with the marker’s edge, not from the tip.

Selection of Fabric

The selection of fabric has a significant impact on how does your fabric marker works. If you take a rough cloth, it means your pens make lumps on it, and it will not look good. The delicate and smooth fabric is easier to work with. If you are not sure about the texture, you can test it before working, take a small piece of cloth, and paint on it. This method will not destroy your working material or painting.

Be careful not to make pauses during painting or do not stop the marker tip on the fabric as the marker can bleed on the cloth. If you are not sure what you are making, you should lift the marker off while you think about paint.

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to paint on fabric, we have the best Stango acrylic paint pens for beginners. That helps you to paint on cloth easily even suitable for children. It comes in 18 colors with a fine tip, ideal for fabric, glass painting, rock or stones, wood, ceramic, porcelain, and mug, the canvas. You can also paint your shoes and decorate the gifts with them.

The best part of these acrylic paint pens is they cannot bleed on any surface, easy to dry, 100% water-based ink, not recommended under the age of 3.

Color in large areas

If you want to color in large areas, you can! The brushes may waste more colors in larges markers that are suitable to fill the large areas. Before applying another color make sure that another color must be dry. Otherwise, your colors may blend.

Fabric markers are easy to work in large areas and dry quickly within few minutes; if you are a beginner, the marker is the perfect choice because we all are used to holding pens and pencils rather than brushes. The brushes will confuse how to move your hand in painting, and you can hesitate, or your hands cannot work according to your thoughts. So the paint pens or markers work well.

Letter painting

If you want to paint letters on fabric, you must first practice the rough texture that will help you to paint neatly. You should know that the lettering is easier with fabric paint pens instead of brushes. Before letter painting, you have to make a light sketch that will help you to draw a letter and make your artwork neater. Don’t be sad if your letter painting is not neat on the first attempt as a painting by hand look a little bit irregular than a machine.

Paint with stencils

Fabric paint pens work well with stencils. If you want to outline, run the marker’s tip along with the edge of the stencil. After tracing, remove the stencil and color in it or fill the letter with different colors as you want. One thing you should be careful about while using stencils that don’t let your stencil slip; otherwise, your fabric will ruin or destroy. It is a little bit difficult for beginners, so you can make it easy as you can pin up the stencil on the cloth then make outlines. It helps you in your work.

Paint with stamps

If you want any tattoo with a stamp, it is a great idea to work with a stamp, and it’s a straightforward and quick method. Fabric markers work great on fabric with rubber stamps. The technique is too simple to add your required color on the stamp, turn your stamp and place it on cloth, press down the stamp forcefully the color comes off from the stamp onto the fabric, then let it dry completely.

Make sure to put color quickly on the stamp; the small stamps work ideally but if you are using a big stamp, place the color otherwise rapidly. Your color will get dry and will not give the result you want. You can use multiple colors on fabric as they will look good. After using one time, you can again use your stamp on your cloth but remember the second attempt. It will give a lighter result as there is a little color on it.

After the first attempt, please don’t place the stamp on the same area because it will not give you the same result and have a chance to make the print double.

Our Acrylic paint pens are the best choice for your printing, adults, painters, or kids. They have unique colors you will like as they work smoothly and non-bleed. Acrylic paint pens are the best choice for beginners rather than brushes. Brushes make a mess in your working space, and the problem is that you have washed your brushes again and again for different colors.

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