ECN Brokers: choose the best one for your trading activity!

Traders worldwide are always more attracted to interesting opportunities offered by online trading. In effect, everyone should know the real benefits related to investments in online markets: first of all, beginners too can try to make profits thanks to online trading.

If you want to start in the best way possible, you should start by choosing a trusted and professional broker, but we know that this could appear difficult to beginners. Well, don’t worry: we are here to help you, showing an ecn brokers list where you can find your favorite trading platform!

Why should I choose an ecn broker?

First of all, we want to present you some characteristics of ecn brokers. The acronym stands for “Electronic Communications Network” and it explains how these brokers work: they just connect users to markets, taking a role of financial intermediary. 

ECN brokers don’t manipulate market prices, so they can assure users transparency and safe trading.

Another important characteristic is related to liquidity: thanks to various providers, if you operate with these brokers, you will trade at low spread and accessible commissions. 

In the end, ecn brokers are one of the top choices that a novice trader could make to operate in a reliable and easy way.

ECN Brokers List: trading with FP Markets

The first ecn broker we want to present you is FP Markets: an online platform almost known all over the world.


Naturally, this ecn broker is one of the most appreciated ones thanks to his No Dealing Desk approach. In fact, he gives to users the opportunity to trade with best and real market prices. Each operation on online markets with this platform is distinguished by rapid executions and really low spreads: that’s why FP Markets is so popular among beginners too.

If you are already a professional trader, you would know that this broker offers even the best trading platform for your activity: MetaTrader4/5. In the end, we want you to know that the minimum deposit is only $100: an affordable cost for every kind of trader. trading with a professional ecn broker

Another ecn broker appreciated worldwide, especially in the United States, is As you should easily understand, this is a top Forex broker legally authorized by international authorities to offer his services to a large number of traders., as FP Markets, is appreciated for his advantageous trading conditions. First of all, users will always trade with flexible costs and variable spreads. In addition, the minimum deposit is only $50; this explains why this platform is so popular!

In the end, new users would like to know that this experienced ecn broker offers a wide choice of assets: for example, you can choose among 90 currency pairs. In other words, this platform helps traders to diversify their wallet in order to reduce risks.

Pepperstone: the best  australian ecn broker

Pepperstone is a broker that doesn’t need any introduction: since 2010, he is on top of australian brokers list. Naturally, even in this case, we are talking about an award-winning platform,trusted and regulated by different authorities.

Pepperstone offers interesting news: users can trade even with a DMA (Direct Market Access) execution too, having the occasion to buy a real stock. Traders appreciate low spreads, for example,if you want to trade on Forex, this ecn broker offers 0 pips for a specific type of account.

In fact, you can choose between a Razor and Standard Accounts: in both cases, the minimum deposit is only $200. In the end, Pepperstone too could be the best option to trade in a professional and safe way, enjoying low costs and a wide selection of your favourite assets!

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