Electric Mobility Trike Buyer’s Guide

There are many times you require going out either shopping or visiting friends. Such times require using an electric mobility trike rather than your car. These transporters are ideal for use due to their reduced fuel consumption and increased stability. Apart from electric bikes or scooters, electric trikes are also another common e-transporters used by many people. It gives an enlarged capacity for storing your items and is highly comfortable while using. 

It’s quite confusing when buying the best electric trike. It’s essential to spend enough time while going through the below-buying guide. It calls for choosing from different varieties while putting some factors into consideration. If you’re a bike lover and have tips to share with people, try Socialgreg and increase your YouTube presence with just a click at this link.

Electric Mobility Trike Design

You are likely to come across two different e-trike designs available in the marketplace. Understanding their underlying differences is essential to ensure you go for the best one. One is suited for rough terrain riding and equipped with fat tires and rounded seats for a single person. They closely resemble stunt cycles and may not be your favorite choice. The other design resembles mobility carts, although it lacks certain features. For instance, the speed between e-trike and mobility carts varies with high speed in e-trike. Also, mobility carts lack pedals which are present in e-trikes. First, it’s crucial to understand the e-trike design you need since it forms the basis for buying the right one. 

Average Speed

It’s essential to consider how fast the average range of the electric trikes in question. Its primary power source is a rechargeable battery that varies between different brands. A good electric trike range is above forty miles, extending with auxiliary help. The overall speed of such trikes varies, but most go up to twenty miles per hour. Hand brakes and manual throttle controls the electric trike speed. It sounds great to determine the overall rate of an electric trike before buying it to ensure optimal use.

Mobility Trike Storage Capacity

It’s a priority when buying the electric trike for shopping and carrying materials. It should have extra space to ensure convenient operations. Many e-trikes have external vessels and custom compartments for storing one supply. It makes them an ideal choice for many people in need than cars. The carried goods are kept in good condition, thereby relieving the need to worry about damages.

Types of Motors

The electric trike comes with a motor setup comprising a control and drives unit, battery pack, and wiring. Front wheel-mounted hub and mid-drive motors are the two major types of motors. The mid-drive mounts on the pedal area while driving the two rear wheels. It’s best to choose e-trike with mid-drive engines due to increased efficiency and smooth rides. Such motors best suit hilly areas riding, making it the best choice for many people.

Mobility Trike Battery and Charging

The battery forms an important electric trike component with lithium-ion as the most commonly used. The range in wattage and number of battery watt-hours determine its range. It means that higher watt-hours denote a higher range and vice versa. Depending on the model, it’s likely to come across single or double battery packs. The battery size also determines the charging times and the number of hours. Lithium-ion batteries are the best choice with 3-5 years of lifespan depending on charging times and the number of rides. It’s critical to enhance safety by using an electric trike charger supplied while avoiding leaving it unplugged for long.

Price Range

Electric trikes are a bit more costly than traditional trikes. Although the price varies between different manufacturers and models, it’s upon an individual to determine the right one for use. The electric trike price justifies its quality which at times the budget may give restrictions. It denotes that you are probably likely to achieve what you pay for, therefore, the need to consider available cash to go for the best one. Companies have schemes that allow buyers to buy the electric trikes and pay later, making it an excellent option for many people.


Electric mobility trike increases mobility to many places that one may find hard to reach. They have the advantage of being used by all people regardless of their disability. Despite the many benefits offered by e-trikes, it’s quite challenging to purchase the right one. It requires gaining an understanding of different classifications and distinguishing features between them. It’s essential to also understand the e-trikes local legislation due to their mobility.

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