Emoji Guide: 8 Travel and Places Emojis and Their Meaning

People are going to adore and enjoy utilizing the new emojis that are on the way. They already launched a few of them in 2021, and the vast majority of adjustments will take place throughout this year. Emojis come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and variations. There are approximately 3,000 icons, and we are confident that you cannot discern them all.

There are numerous emoji categories, including smileys and emotions, people and bodies, travel and places, and many others. If you are unfamiliar with certain categories, particularly travel and places emojis, we will assist you in becoming acquainted with them. This article will introduce you to various travel and places emojis, including the Japanese post office, various trains, and other unfamiliar emojis that fall under this category. Do not leave until you’ve mastered these emojis in the travel and places category.

1.  Tokyo Tower

If you are going to travel to Japan this year and you want to share your visit to the second tallest tower in Japan, use this emoji. Make sure you visit the Tokyo tower. Tokyo Tower, constructed in 1958, represents Tokyo’s recovery after World War II. The 333-meter-tall building has become a popular tourist photography location. The Tokyo tower emoji became a fully qualified emoji as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010.

2.  Convenience Store

This emoji might look unfamiliar, but this emoji is a convenience store. This emoji depicts a 24-hour convenience store, a small store providing food, beverages, and other common products. At the front of most convenience stores, a 24 sign signifies the number of hours they’re open. You can also use this emoji as a sign of availability. It can signify “I’m available around the clock!” or indicate that something is still available.

3.  Camping

Are you into camping these days? Use this emoji to show your online friends your recent hobby! You should go camping because studies have connected outdoor recreation to a reduction in depressive thinking. Spending a night outdoors under the stars is one of the most effective methods to improve the quality of your sleep and overall health. On certain platforms, there is a campfire next to the tent. This emoji became a fully qualified emoji as part of Unicode 7.0 and Emoji 0.7 in 2014.

4.  World Map

Are you a globetrotter? If yes, you must use this emoji to show that you love traveling the globe. Or you can use this to show your next destination. The emoji for the world is a depiction of a global map showing all the continents. It might refer to Planet Earth in its entirety, a globe map, or a specific location. Some platforms feature a plain straight map, while most platforms have maps with folded curves.

5.  Kaaba

This emoji is probably one of the unfamiliar and most not-used emojis in the category. But Muslims know this emoji. The Kaaba is a cube-shaped, black-and-gold structure. This edifice is part of the Al-Masjid al-Haram Mosque, popularly known as the Great Mosque of Mecca.

It holds a sacred black stone and is the destination of Islamic pilgrimage and the direction Muslims face when they pray. Send a Kaaba emoji to a Muslim friend if you wish to show them respect or if they are making a visit to their religion’s holiest shrine.

6.  Synagogue

This emoji depicts a synagogue with a Star of David on the front. They commemorate the ancient Israelite king David in the Star of David, which has become a universally recognized symbol of the Jewish people. This emoji may appear differently on different platforms.

On other platforms, this emoji has a different color, but on the vast majority, it is cream. This Jewish structure is the focal center of Jewish community life. Numerous rites of passage take place there. In 2015, this emoji became a qualified emoji as part of Unicode 8.0.

7.  Ship

People widely use this emoji when they are watching a movie with a ship in it, such as Titanic, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the like. However, you can use this emoji to discuss your past, present, and future marine adventures! Some platforms only display the front of this emoji’s ship or the ship submerged in water.

People widely used the sort of ship depicted in the emoji for cruises; hence, the symbol appears regularly in posts, conversations, and conferences around tourism and vacations. They also referred to this emoji as the cruise ship emoji and the cruise emoji.

8.  Ringed Planet

Share the Ringed Planet emoji to rekindle your passion for planets and interest in an interstellar voyage. Essentially, the Ringed Planet emoji represents Saturn, the most famous Ringed Planet in the universe. They called it the “Jewel Of The Solar System” due to its gorgeous, brilliant rings. People who adore planets use this emoji or enjoy discussing them.

As a new addition to the existing collection of the planet and galaxy-themed emojis, the Ringed Planet emoji is sure to attract curiosity. This emoji became a qualified emoji as part of Unicode 12.0 and Emoji 12.0 in 2019.


We are sure that you will be familiar with travel and places emojis just by reading this list. These emojis represent different scenes, places, structures, and modes of transportation. You can learn more by visiting Which of these were unfamiliar to you?

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