Erectile Dysfunction: What You Can Do Along With Taking ED Medications

In another post, we brushed on the topic of how the degree of efficacy of erectile dysfunction medications will vary per person. While you try the Numan erection pills as diagnosed by their trusted medical physicians, here are other practical things you can do to lower the risk of incurring ED. 

Erectile Dysfunction: Medication Plus Healthcare Tips

1. No Stress

At least, lessen it, and keep it controlled. Stress is something almost inescapable, in a world where the hustle and bustle of work and home life are quite the norm. 

Now, we are not saying that laziness is key. In fact, being stationary and lethargic will further increase the likelihood of incurring heart problems, and thus, increase the occurrence of ED. 

What we are saying is that you have to implement that “work-life balance” perspective and practice. No matter how busy a day gets, come nightfall, get at least 7 hours of sleep. During your days off (or day off, if you have one per week), try to avoid stressful tasks. Spend time with your loved one, friends and family, take up a hobby, you name it. 

This approach towards levelling stress will give your bodily systems time to rejuvenate and recover. Once rested, they’ll function the way they should, emphasis on the operations of blood passageways that allow a stable flow in your penile region. 

2. Quit Smoking 

We’re not saying that you lessen it. Quit smoking altogether. It may sound like a drastic, easier-said-than-done medical advice. Nonetheless, it’s among the most crucial steps you can take to prevent the surge in the frequency of erectile dysfunction.

Smoking poses a threat to several of your body’s major organs and systems. For example, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease of COPD is a severe case of lung damage wherein airways become inflamed, and air sacs, damaged, for the long-term. 

COPD, and even less severe lung problems caused by smoking, are all interlinked to cardiovascular health. The more difficult it is for your lungs to function normally, the less oxygen your blood receives. Less oxygen in the blood means weaker reproductive responses. Hence, erectile dysfunction. 

Apart from preventing ED, quitting smoking will keep your body healthier, for longer, than those who do. It will certainly be an astounding “win” for you.

3. How’s Your Alcohol Intake? 

Do you drink socially? Or is a glass (or more) of your favourite alcoholic drinks your instant day-ender whenever you’re home after work? And perhaps even during days off? It might be time to consider getting treatment for an alcohol problem.

We are not pointing fingers here. We know that alcohol-dependency is a grave medical and psychological issue, and should be treated with the proper medical intervention. But strictly speaking within the context of impotence, alcoholism is a block against letting the penile region keep erect. 

However, a reason why you should seek treatment for alcohol problems and how it relates to ED is that both can be treated. 

Alcohol is a depressant which leads not merely to erectile dysfunction but to a slew of other sexual ailments, not including heart disease, colon and/or liver disease, cancers, etc. Talk to your physician and seek help for treatment. Meanwhile, talk to your telehealth doctor about ED medications.

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