Every Home Security Tip You Need to Know

With numerous burglary cases nowadays, people don’t even feel completely safe in their homes anymore. It’s always their anxiety telling them the worst-case scenarios and all the what-ifs. They are also not to blame for this as burglary has become quite common in the world. Although your home is the only place where you should feel 100% safe and secure. At least, you can try your level best to keep the criminals at bay by implementing some safety procedures. You should also be well aware of self-defense laws in your state and use your scope for .308 long-range rifle only in the case of extreme emergency

In addition to this, you must take advantage of the latest technology or simple tips that can help you and your family feel comfortable and safe in their own home. Hence, we have listed down the best home security tips that you may never have thought of. Check them out!

Your “Hidden” Areas Aren’t Really Hidden from the Burglars

You may think it’s a clever idea to hide your home keys under the welcome doormat or under the tiny pot outside the window, however, burglars are quite familiar with this trick. Even the first and foremost thing that they do as soon as they try to break into a house is to thoroughly check all these “hidden” places to make entrance easier for them.

Therefore, always keep the spare keys with you and try to keep all the windows and doors locked. Whenever you leave your home, do check them once to ensure they are not mistakenly left open.

Light Up the Outdoor Space

If your outdoor area is poorly lit, it makes it even easier for the thieves to break in as there is no way anyone can spot them. You should install lights on the pathway to your main door as well as your lawn and garage. If you fret about the hefty electricity bills, you can always invest in motion-sensor lights. They only light up when they sense a movement and in case a burglar tries to be sneaky, the lights immediately flashing will make them run away.

Don’t Give the Burglars a Place to Hide

Extra-thick and tall bushes may enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden, however, they can also qualify for a good hiding place for the intruders. If you have a tree with long branches that reach the window of your room, this can also allow the thieves to get in.

You should keep the bushes of your garden well-trimmed so there’s no chance for the criminals to hide. Instead, you can plant some flowers or tiny bushes to not compromise on the look of your home. You should also cut down the extended branches of the trees and make your home a happy place.

Keep Your First Floor Windows Secure

Criminals usually find it more convenient to break into a house by using any means on the first floor such as the first-floor windows or doors. If you have elegant windows fixed in without any bars to prevent the thieves from getting in, you’re basically inviting them to visit you.

You should get metal bars installed with your windows to make it hard for them to squeeze in as space wouldn’t be enough for them. You can even install chimes along with your first-floor windows, so you can be alerted whenever someone tries to gain access.

Install Security Cameras

Many intruders will choose a house that is without a security camera rather than the one with any sort of security system. Even putting a fake security system board in front of your lawn can deter the thieves as they assume it’s a huge risk.  

However, for your peace of mind, you should install security cameras around your house, especially the backyard and the entrance door. You can find premium quality security cameras available on the market that feature night vision, 360-degree view, motion detection, and much more. In case of a mishap, you can always use the camera recordings as evidence in court.

Don’t Let the Thieves Know You’re Away

When you have to go on a vacation or to visit your loved ones, your mails and newspapers may pile up, the grass may grow taller, the lights may be switched off round the clock and there may even be no car parked outside your home at all. This observation lets the thieves know that you’re away from home and they start planning a burglary.

To save you from this situation, you should inform your trustworthy neighbors to collect the newspapers on your behalf or park their car in front of your home at times. You can even ask a gardener to maintain your garden and ask the mail service to hold your mail.

Additionally, investing in smart home equipment can allow you to control the lights, TV, etc. even away from your home to trick the criminals into thinking you’re home.

Pretend Like You Own a Dog

Most thieves see dogs as deterrents, and they like to avoid such spaces. If you have a real dog then you don’t have to do the extra bit. You can also get protection trained dogs for sale to make sure you are well protected. However, if you don’t, you can place a fake dog food bowl along with some dog toys and leave their leash on the lawn to pretend like you own an actual dog.

Invest in a Safe

We should always be prepared for the worst, right? Therefore, it’s vital to invest in a safe to lock up all your valuables like bonds, cash, jewelry, and important documents securely in it. Having a safe that is heavy enough to carry and hold can also prevent the criminal from taking it away with them.

For your own safety, you can even get a water- and fire-proof safe to protect your precious items from any kind of additional damage.  

Knowing these tips is the first step to having a well-secured home. Remember that preventing any troubles is always much easier and better than dealing with the consequences. 

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