Everything to Know About A-Line Wedding Dresses

A-Line Wedding Dresses

Are you currently in the market for a wedding dress but are getting confused by the many phrases and names used online? Perhaps you’re watching Say Yes to the Dress and can’t help but frown when they use terminology like ‘A-line dress’ and ‘mermaid dress’. Today, you’re going to take the first step to learn the lingo. After reading this article, you’ll know all about A-line wedding dresses!

What’s an A-Line Wedding Dress?

Whenever you see a term like ‘A-line’ or ‘column’ with regards to wedding dresses, the first thing to know is that it refers to the dress’s shape. Imagine the silhouette of a dress; while a column dress goes straight down the sides of the body, an A-line dress moves away from the body as it travels down. In other words, it forms the shape of an ‘A’.

For the most part, these types of dresses sit comfortably at the waist before then flowing into a skirt or dress for the lower half of the body. In many ways, this is the classic shape that women imagine when they dream of their wedding.

As you start to try on A-line dresses, you’ll notice that they have a fitted waistline, and this is why it’s one of the most comfortable dress shapes. As it moves into a flared skirt, it’s a flattering silhouette and one that works for most women.

Since ‘A-line’ refers to the silhouette, the good news is that you can choose a sleeve and neckline that suits your preferences. For example, some people select long sleeves while others go for shorter sleeves. Elsewhere, some brides choose lacy sleeves while others opt for a plunging V-neck, strapless dress, or another design choice. Catherine Deane satin A-line wedding dresses are a fantastic place to start if you want to see how an A-line dress can offer a combination of traditional and modern.

Benefits of an A-Line Wedding Dress

Now that you know the basics, why should you consider this wedding dress for your own big day?

Comfortable – Firstly, the fact that the dress is fitted at the waist means that you’ll be comfortable first thing in the morning, through the service, and into the night too. What’s more, the flowing skirt means that you can dance the night away, making memories with loved ones (without feeling uncomfortable).

Stunning – Next, A-line dresses tend to suit all women, regardless of body type or height. With a soft A-shape, it always looks classy and elegant. If you worry about some dress types not looking flattering for your body shape, sticking with the A-line is going to be a winner. It hugs the body in the right places and makes all brides feel comfortable. While the bust is accentuated, the waistline looks slimmer thanks to the design.

Taller Effect – What’s more, smaller brides reading this article will be glad to hear that an A-line dress can make them look taller. Since it offers a slimming effect, it can make small brides look taller even without dramatic (and potentially dangerous) heels.


It’s a misconception to think that choosing an A-line dress restricts brides because shape names simply refer to the silhouette of the dress. After choosing a shape, you have a host of other decisions to make, including neck, sleeves, and more. If you want to be comfortable, look stunning, and make yourself look taller, an A-line dress is the right choice. Don’t worry; brides who are already tall won’t look even taller.

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