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The present generation has developed a special craving for cheese. By looking at their food habits, it becomes clear as they are ready to binge on dollops of cheese-based food items like macaroni, grilled cheese, string cheese, and so on. They might even insist you visit the local cheese monger and get the finest one for making specific recipes. The overwhelming choices available in the shops aren’t easy for us to select the best ones. For your information, Irish Cheese is the best. Although lesser known in comparison to the other available cheese variants, Irish cheese is the healthiest and the tastiest. Let us cite the reasons in detail. 

The experience counts

For reasons unknown, many people believe, the Irish started making cheese a lot later than other countries. For the unversed, the history of cheese making in Ireland roots back to more than a thousand years. During the ’70s the Irish cheese got noticed, and thus it gave birth to the notion that Ireland started producing cheese late. Understandably, a country that has such a vast experience will offer nothing but the best.

The cows make the necessary difference

Well, everyone knows that we get cheese from cow milk. What you may not know, the flavor of cheese can vary from one cow to the other. Here is an interesting fact. Ireland boasts of one of the longest grass-growing seasons. While gazing the cows get to eat these grasses for more days in a year. Interestingly, these grasses are loaded with growth hormones and beta-carotene, which ultimately makes Irish cheese the healthiest and tastiest. Try it out for once, and we bet, you would not want to try any other cheese variant. 

Irish cheese gets recognized with awards

Get in touch with someone who knows a thing or two about cheese. Inquire the person about Irish cheese, and you will be stunned to know, that around four years ago, Ireland bagged as many as fourteen gold medals at the Artisan Cheese Awards in England. Of course, the special quality and uniqueness of the cheese contribute to winning such prestigious awards. 

Irish cheese makes excellent food pairings

Well, dishes made with Irish cheese will not only satisfy the cravings of the little ones but also the adults who love experimenting with food pairings. For instance, most people love cheddar cheese with wine. You can try Irish cheese with your favorite brand of whiskey or ale. You will love the combo and spread the word among your friends and relatives. 

The must-try Irish cheese

We believe, you are now convinced and want to try some Irish cheese. For your convenience, we highlight the ones that you should not miss out on. Here goes the list:

  • Ardrahan: An award-winning cheese that boasts a pungent aroma and excellent flavor.
  • Cashel Blue: One of the first Irish blue cheeses is yet another award-winning product. It is creamy and tangy and sports a pale buttery look. Again, it is a treat for the taste buds.
  • Dubliner: As the name suggests, Dubliner hails from the city of Dublin. It is produced from an aged cow’s milk. It has a sweet and nutty taste. 

You can find more variants of Irish cheese at your local cheese outlet. We suggest, trying each of them, and you would not regret it. 

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