Four Ideas For Personalised Gifts This Winter

It’s not the cost of your gifts that matters, it’s the thought that goes into them. That’s what most people would say, anyway – though it’s obviously gratifying to receive gifts that you might not have been able to afford yourself. And when it comes to putting thought into a gift, you can show your loved one you really care through personalisation. Whether you’re putting their name on an item or you’ve had something specially made to reflect the recipient of your gift, here are four ideas to help you give a Whisky Gift Sets that truly matters this winter.

Someone’s Name

You can’t get more personal than a name. You can carve it on a wooden gift, or have it embroidered on an item of clothing that you’ve bought for a loved one. You can ask a celebrity to send a personal video message to your loved one, or you can buy custom number plates for your loved one’s car that features their name. All of these options clearly show that you care about the gift you’re giving – making it unique and memorable as a gesture that you thought deeply about what gift to buy them.


If your loved one is a partner or best friend, it’s likely that you’ve spent many happy times together across a number of years. So what better way to commemorate those brilliant times than to gather those memories up and package them as a gift for your loved one? You might choose to print out photos as polaroids to pin on a board or hang from string. You could create a video with digital memories to show them, or even write something that goes over some of the fantastic and happy times you’ve spent together to date. Again, this is one that is deeply personal and is likely to be received incredibly warmly.


Your loved one will have passions. Whether they love to paint or they’ve always wanted to learn to ski, you’ll know what it is that makes them tick and what might be on their bucket list for the future. And you can do something about it with your gift – buying a new set of premium paints, for instance, to show that you care about your loved one’s hobbies. Or you can buy a ski trip for your friend, showing that you’re keen to help them experience all they wish for in this world.


If you’re incredibly close to your loved one, you’re going to be interested in enjoying new experiences with them. Like the skiing mentioned above, you can tailor these around what they’ve told you they’d love to do. Or you can make new memories, surprising your loved one with a trip or an activity that they might never have considered before, but that will bring you closer together as a couple of a set of friends. Get creative, and think outside the box, to pick an unusual activity that you know your loved one will cherish.

Make your next gift a personal one with the suggestions outlined above – all designed for those who want to put a little more thought into their gift-giving.

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