Functions of Packaging the Better Understanding

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Packaging entertains advertisement of goods. It plays a very important role in the marketing mix.

Following are some essential details about packaging, you must know, have a look:

  • It is for packaging that symbol printing is developed simpler, and because of symbols, recognition of the goods becomes more comfortable. People can comfortably find out or specify their wanted items. It thus helps the creation of demand, and therefore sales promotion is motivated.
  • On the package are printed instructions for the use of the goods, and these instructions help buyers use the item in a specified manner. Thus, packaging enables users.
  • The development of packaging in the marketing system has helped to keep the products. A retailer can efficiently store packaged items in less space. Thus, stocking of the goods has been made convenient for packaging. It helps to keep them.
  • Packaging of goods guarantees the security of goods from heat, light, moisture, evaporation, etc. Protection of the products is thus confirmed. In these days of the sale of consumer goods, packaging contributes meritorious service right from production until the time of shipment of the product in the end-user’s hands.
  • Packaging provides handy amenities in the matter of sales advancement. Enticing packaging with fascinating get-up grab customers, and thus packaging goes ahead as a tool for enhancing sales.
  • Packaging confers uniqueness to a specific product differentiating it from others. Not only recognition of the good has become simple because of packaging, but it has also become suitable for holding the product.
  • Packaging, as being done these days, empowers end-users to use the packages for other matters. At times, polythene packages are being utilized as bags to serve several purposes of the end-users.
  • Packaging done sturdily and effectively is helping foreign transportation of the goods without taking substantial hazards during transit. So, it supports foreign dealing also.

In marketing today, an end-user is often not required to hold bags for storing purchased items. For everything bought, packaging has been developed, and thus the purchasers find it very convenient to carry them.

Characteristics of Good Packaging:

A perfect packaging outcome in the establishment of a personal relationship between the end-users and the package. It is now known as a ‘silent salesman.’ The psychological consequences of good packaging are that the end-users feel that the developer thinks about him; his convenience is for the producer. This attitude of buyers has a far-reaching effect on the marketing of items.

A well-designed good packaging by a well-reputed company generally has the following features; for enjoying these features, go to the Stampa Prints boxes page; let’s have a look:


Good packaging has the feature of not being too hefty, nor is it of the design and size that may design inconvenience to the customers. So, convenience is the main feature of good packaging.


Packaging to be perfect must be so done that absolute security for the prevention and protection of the good is assured.


The packaging is said to be considered where it does not have any mishandling for keeping it in the almirah or refrigerator. This adaptability of packaging is, for sure, one of its characteristics.


Suitable packaging should have such a feature that it develops confidence in the customers’ minds that the contents must be of standard quality.


Good packaging indeed adds fame to the person who holds items well packaged. That is an additional feature that good packaging should have for better advancement.


A good packaging tolerates the mark of aesthetic sense. This thing adds a lot to the status of the buyers.

Advantages of Packaging:

  • The exceptional benefit or advantage derived from packaging is the suitability to buyers of an article. Packaging, as a courtesy, helps transportation of the packaged products with much adroitness and facility.
  • It helps branding and advancement. The mark of branding can be well engraved in a container well packaged. Good packaging also lessens the necessity of improvement.
  • Packaging, in an oblique way, helps the demand for the well-packaged items to rise.
  • Packaging secures the item against outside factors that may cause harm to the product.
  • Packaging can be useful for reusing it to store other materials.
  • Packaging decreases marketing charges. Handling damages are much less in good packaging; so, the amount of marketing is likely to be less.
  • Both quantity and quality are put through to betterment because of good packaging. Quantity of an item is least affected when packaging is good, and quality remains faultless, unaffected by external natural agencies that cause loss to the quality of a good.
  • Packaging, when perfect and effective, confers on the developers and the end-users several advantages that help not only a good marketing but also a sound and robust business atmosphere those tones up business as a whole.
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