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In recent years, the word evolution moved away from caves/Neanderthals and became a concept that defines perceptions and visions that describe the world we live in. We are constantly amazed by innovations and relieved by medicinal breakthroughs. One medicinal breakthrough that has been marked in history is erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments. These medicines help men regain confidence in their masculine charm and sexual prowess.

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that affects the male sexual organ. The presence of the condition leads to the inability to attain or maintain an erection which means that patients cannot engage in satisfactory sexual intercourse. This has a significant impact on a man’s self-esteem.

When patients seek treatment of this condition, they will be privy to the following benefits:

  •         The use of an ED medicine can reinstate a normal sex life

A stable/rigid erection helps men and their partner enjoy sexual intercourse. According to studies,  men who have increased erection hardness have a better sexual experience. Regular sexual activity also improves the physical and psychological well-being of patients.

  •         It improves the quality of relationships and life

ED is a physical disorder that also affects the psychological being –confidence and emotional capabilities. This leads to the deterioration of relationships. The use of treatment alleviates issues associated with the disorder and drastically slows down its progression. This helps patients improve their emotional, mental and physical well-being, which ensures relationships remain stable.

  •         The diagnosis and treatment of ED can lead to the discovery of concurrent diseases

ED is often an early warning sign of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, of which the latter can develop into a stroke or heart attack.


Popular Erectile Dysfunction Treatments on The Market

When it comes to ED, there are numerous treatment options available on the market, which all belong to the same class of medication, PDE5 inhibitors. PDE-5 inhibitors relax and dilate blood vessels to accommodate increased blood flow to the penile region. This results in an erection.

Although all ED treatments serve the same purpose, they each contain different active ingredients and work differently, which means patients need to expand their knowledge on each pill before choosing the ideal option for their treatment plan.

Below are the four most popular ED treatments:

  •         Viagra (sildenafil)- This is the NHS’s first choice of treatment and is popular among ED patients worldwide. The tablet was one of the first ED treatments on the market, and it has an 80% success rate.


  •         Cialis (tadalafil)-Typically referred to as the weekend pill, this treatment produces longer durations of effects. The tablet is safe and effective and can be found in two versions: daily dose and as-needed. The availability of these forms makes the treatment a more flexible choice.


  •         Levitra (vardenafil)-This tablet has a mild but effective composition that can induce erections without affecting other body functions. This option is the perfect choice for patients with eye problems.

All these treatment options must always be swallowed whole as it keeps the active ingredient intact, allowing it to be released in an ideal time frame. ED pills can be taken without or without food however, high-fat meals should be avoided an hour before administration.


ED Medication Details Dissected

Medical experts and patients who have used erectile dysfunction treatment in the past agree that seeking treatment is the best option for managing the condition. The wide range of medicine allows patients to choose a treatment that suits every facet of their condition.

Although the availability of these options is beneficial, it can be overwhelming as well. To help patients better understand medicine choices, experts and analysts teamed up to create comparison tables that give patients a comprehensive look at each medicine option.

Below is an example of one of them:

User satisfaction rate8.5 8.7 8.0
Generic versionssildenafil tadalafilvardenafil
Available strengths/doses·         25mg

·         50mg

·         100mg 

·         2.5mg

·         5mg

·         10mg

·         20mg 

·         5mg

·         10mg

·         20mg

Recommended starting dose 50mg10mg 10mg 
Onset time (how long does it take to work)30-60 minutes30 minutes30-60 minutes 
Durational effects (how long do the effects last)4-6 hours Up to 36 hours  4-6 hours
Side effect probability rateLess than 2%Less than 2% on 10mg dosesLess than 2%


Do Higher Strength Erectile Dysfunction Medications Produce Better Results

When it comes to medication, the common misconception is that higher strength options produce better results however, this is not true. The strength of a tablet refers to the amount of active ingredient in it.

The active ingredient gives the tablet its abilities and allows it to treat ED effectively and efficiently. Strength and dosage work hand in hand as dosage refers to how many tablets must be taken. Dosage also dictates the frequency, which is how often a pill must be taken.

All erectile dysfunction treatment strengths have the same capabilities. However, dosage amounts can differentiate one tablet effects from another. As dosage amounts increase, the tablet becomes slightly more effective, though these increases come with a higher probability of side effects. 

This is the main reason why patients are started on a standard starting dose, with increases being implemented if absolutely necessary. The increases are typically made if the standard dose did not work and did not cause or induce any severe side effects.

Experts usually recommend that patients try different doses until they find one that best suits them. The change in doses should be taken at least 2-3 days apart so patients can get an accurate overview of the tablet’s effects against the treatment of erectile dysfunction.


Can an ED treatment Cause Priapism?

A priapism is characterised by rigid and painful erections that last for prolonged periods of time. The condition causes blood to become trapped in the penile region with no way of following arterial drainage channels.     

Because erectile dysfunction treatment options use similar processes to induce erections, many patients believe that the tablet can cause the development of this condition. While proper use of ED medication does not cause this condition, improper use can result in a priapism. 

Improper use includes taking higher doses, consuming more than one tablet at a time or taking doses more often than prescribed. Patients must remember that ED treatments can only be used in single doses–one every 24 or 36 hours. Also, the administration of different ED medicines at the same time should be avoided.


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