Growing Your Ecommerce Business Needn’t Be A Stressful Chore: Here’s Why

Although your eCommerce business may have been fun to run at first, there will be a time when it jumps from being small and manageable to a much larger concern. Within this transition, there will inevitably be a period when it becomes uncomfortable, stressful, and even seen as a chore before everything settles back down. However, to make this transition period as smooth and stress-free as possible, there are some simple steps you can follow:

#1 Move to new platforms 

It is likely that you have been selling straight from one of the very well-known online selling platforms. This can be pretty easy and straightforward as they do most of the online work for you. The downside to this is that if, for some reason, they take a dislike to you or what you are selling, your whole business is gone overnight. To avoid this problem and boost your sales further, you may have decided to dip your toe in with another selling platform as well. This is okay as long as you do not feel mentally overly stretched as a result. What you may be lacking, though, is the ability to sell straight from your own website, and this may be what you need to do in order to hit those high sales figures and make the jump from a small business to a much larger one a profitable affair. In order to get this shift right, you are going to need the help of web design experts who specialise in Shopify design, development, and maintenance, such as With the help of these people, you might well find that your website delivers all that you want from it and provides your customers with a shopping experience that they will expect from you.

#2 Recruit remote workers 

As you will no doubt be thinking of renting premises to run your business from – and the sudden costs that go with it, you will be especially interested in how you can keep your outgoings to a minimum. Commercial property price is generally worked out via square footage, so the smaller unit you can rent, the less you will pay (this is obviously outside of the premiums for desirable locations). With this in mind, working out how much space you really need for stock storage, goods in and goods out areas, as well as packing areas and the storing of packing materials could see you renting for far less than if you included all your office employees and equipment into the bargain. Of course, you are still going to need your office staff, so hiring them on a solely remote working basis will mean that they are working elsewhere and not at a site you are paying for.

#3 Move your warehouse to FBA services

If the rent that you are faced with is still a large chunk to swallow, then you do have a further option available to you, which could reduce the cost of your expansion further. This is to take advantage of services such as FBA (fulfilment by Amazon). This is where you ship your items to an Amazon warehouse, and they look after it, pick your orders, pack, and ship them straight to your customer. You may find that to be eligible for this service, you might need to have an Amazon selling account, but you may not have to sell all your products through it. 

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