HCLSoftware’s AI and Sovereign Cloud-powered GovTech Solutions set toDrive Citizen Empowerment; Showcase at GBC 4.0

Noida (Uttar Pradesh) [India], February 21: HCLSoftware, an independent software division of HCLTech and a global leader in enterprise software solutions, is set to unveil its advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and sovereign cloud-fueled technology solutions showcasing innovations in delivering improved citizen-centric services at the Uttar Pradesh Groundbreaking Ceremony 4.0 (GBC 4.0) this week at the Indira Gandhi Pratishthan, Lucknow.

The showcase by HCLSoftware will provide insights into how AI advancements are energizing government-to-citizen services through experiences driven by enhanced cybersecurity and hyper-automation. HCLSoftware’s goal is to cultivate a dynamic ecosystem for AI innovation, ensuring that every citizen can actively participate and leverage the digital ecosystem for social well-being.

“AI-fueled technologies will help transform government technology, empowering citizens at the grassroots and fostering digital inclusion. It will enable inclusive policies, equitable resource allocation, and responsive governance, promoting transparency and empowerment while bridging digital divides in society.,” said Rajiv Shesh, Chief Revenue Officer, HCLSoftware. We continue to invest in the future of technology-based governance, to empower and enable a true digital India vision.”

“Through data-driven insights, personalized services, and streamlined processes, AI is all set to enhance access to government resources and services. Forward-looking governments and leaders will leverage the massive amounts of data being generated to drive insights and make informed decisions,” said Kalyan Kumar, Chief Product Officer, HCLSoftware. “Responsible AI and Automation will continue to gain momentum — along with machine learning technologies and the ubiquity of the cloud, enabled by — revolutionizing how we work sustainably and free up resources for more strategic activities.”

With a strong record of strategic investments in research and development, HCLSoftware continues to push the boundaries of innovation, delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of the government and the citizens alike. HCLSoftware’s commitment to digital progress is deeply embedded in its Noida Innovation Labs, home to powerful AI-based solutions that will help accelerate an integrated and secure software ecosystem for the state. This coupled with AI skilling efforts is expected to drive an AI-enabled economy. Visitors to the GBC 4.0 event will have the opportunity to explore the impact of AI on society and witness firsthand how it revolutionizes the decision-making process and enhances service standards for citizens. For learn more about HCLSoftware’s vision for AI, please click here.

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HCLSoftware fuels the Digital+ economy by developing, marketing, selling and supporting solutions in four key areas: digital transformation; data and analytics; AI and intelligent automation and enterprise security. HCLSoftware drives customer success through relentless product innovation for more than 20,000 organizations, including a majority of the Fortune 100 and almost half of the Fortune 500.

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