How Can You Tell If Someone Is Addicted To Alcohol?

Alcohol has become a go-to drink during parties, events, and even just for rewinding. It is safe to say that alcohol drinking is just a harmless activity for a lot of people. According to research, women drink one alcoholic beverage daily, while men drink two. However, regardless of gender, some people do not just stop at a drink or two and end up developing alcohol addiction.

Alcohol use disorder or AUD is not uncommon. Many people have developed it, and others can also have it if they do not control their alcohol intake. It is commonly known as alcoholism. It is characterized by a lot of symptoms that this article will explore. If you feel like you or a loved one possesses these symptoms, you can check in alcohol rehab in Oxfordshire.

Early Signs of AUD

Alcoholism is like a professional thief–it cannot be easily seen. It might be difficult to discern if someone is addicted to or reliant on alcohol. You may, however, take heed of its early warning signals.

A noticeable sign of AUD is excessive drinking. If you or someone you know has patterns of binge drinking or heavy drinking, it is most likely a sign of developing alcohol addiction. Binge drinking refers to drinking large amounts of alcohol at once. On the other hand, heavy drinking pertains to having eight or more drinks a week for women and 15 or more for men.

Aside from excessive drinking, it would help if you watched out for other early signs of alcohol addiction. Blackout drunkenness, frequent intoxication, drinking using risky situations or behaving irrationally after drinking are some initial signs you should take note of.

Physical Signs of AUD

You can also determine someone’s alcohol addiction through their physical appearance and habits. There are things you can observe to see if they are alcoholics or not.

A significant noticeable physical effect of alcoholism is weight loss. Most alcoholics skip eating because all they want to take is alcohol. Another is the lingering smell of alcohol, even if it has been some time after they drank. This leads to the physical effect of having poor hygiene–alcoholics are, more often than not, too intoxicated to take care of themselves after drinking. If their eyes and skin are already turning yellowish, that is a sign of liver damage due to alcohol. Their skin may also turn dry, and hair, as well as nails, become brittle. Aging and wrinkles become too noticeable despite their age.

You can look for a more comprehensive list of alcohol symptoms made by the DIagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or DSM. It has listed 11 AUD symptoms. Qualifying for two to three symptoms means having mild alcoholism, four to five symptoms indicate moderate alcoholism, and six or more symptoms suggest a severe case.

If you know somebody who is an alcoholic or at risk of being one, tell them to get help immediately. Alcohol addiction can destroy their lives if it becomes too late.

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