How much does scrotoplasty cost in the UK?

Although potentially life-changing for men who experience uncomfortable excess scrotal skin, many prospective patients never consider reparative surgery.

This is often due to worries about cost.

So how much will it actually cost you and what options do surgeries offer now to overcome the price of scrotoplasty surgery?

How much does scrotoplasty cost?

The cost of private surgery outside of the NHS varies widely, based on a number of factors including, but not limited to:

  • The type/s of surgery offered
  • The area you live in
  • The size of the clinic
  • The complexity and precision of the surgery
  • If you need to stay overnight or for an extended period of time after surgery
  • The expertise level of surgeons
  • Pre-operative tests and your medical history

Because of these reasons, it can be difficult to generalise costs for a scrotoplasty across the UK.

Similarly, some clinics do not advertise their prices as they prefer to speak to prospective patients in person to deliver more accurate pricing.

As there is no general cost for such treatment, prospective patients may need to speak to multiple clinics and hospitals to get quotes before deciding on whom they will receive treatment from.

While time-consuming this gives prospective patients a great deal of choice, allowing them to compare not only prices, but also surgeon credentials, patient reviews, and the general feel of the clinics.

Allowing them to choose a urologist and clinic that is perfect for them and their medical history.

Can I get scrotoplasty on finance?

According to the UK Health Centre, the increasing number of cosmetic surgery procedures has led to competition within the market. To attract patients, many private clinics or hospitals now offer finance packages and finance options.

This is an excellent way to spread the cost to monthly repayments and makes what can be expensive surgeries much more affordable for everyone.

As such, it is worth asking clinics what finance packages or options they offer, as you can compare interest rates and how long you can spread the cost, for example, over 1, 3, or 5 years.

Payment options for scrotoplasty surgery

If you are not eligible for finance, you are not out of options entirely.

Personal loans

Personal loans from your bank can be used for expensive purchases and can have lower interest rates than some other finance options.

Personal loans also allow you to pay for your surgery in monthly instalments.

Credit cards

Alternatively, credit cards could also be a way of funding your surgery. These may have higher interest rates than other finance options, but you can find the best rate using simple price comparison websites.

This will allow you to choose providers with the lowest interest rates, for example.

Saving up

Saving money each month and setting it aside is the interest-free way to finance your surgery.

This method is much slower and can take a number of years if your surgery is particularly costly. However, it leaves you debt free and means that after your surgery you do not have to pay anything in future, so is preferred by some.

If using this method, you should double-check when you need to pay reservation fees to save your procedure date, and when the final balance is due. For some private clinics, this could be 60 days prior to surgery day, which is an important deadline you cannot miss if looking to go ahead with your procedure on the planned day.

Scrotoplasty surgery for all

Thanks to the introduction of finance options, personal loans, and credit cards, private surgery is becoming more popular than ever before.

This makes life-changing procedures, such as scrotoplasty, achievable and gives prospective patients the chance to get their lives back on track, in as little as an hour.

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