How To Grab More Instagram Followers To Grow Your Business


In the last few years, Instagram’s reach has been on the top. Currently, Instagram enjoys the support of more than 1.7-billion users from across the globe. Unlike other social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram pays a lot of attention to its rich audio-visual features.

Considering its superior user interface and rich features, it has continued to be the number one destination for brands and celebs to promote their products and services. According to a research report, more than 80% of users research various products and services on Instagram.

You can also grow your brand and business by making the best use of Instagram. British top fashion brand Burberry enjoys huge credibility on Instagram with 18-million followers. Burberry’s Instagram feeds are flooded with comments and likes from its followers.

However, the main trick is to get as many followers as you can on your Instagram account. You can easily achieve this by paying for your growth, instead of manually using the old school techniques to acquire more followers. You can grow your business up to 24% by getting new likes and followers by subscribing to a cost effective growth plan.

Why Do Instagram Followers Matter?

Increased Collaboration: When you have more followers on Instagram, you will get more chances to collaborate with other brands and influencers as well.

As London-born entrepreneur, Richard Branson, stated, “It’s amazing what doors can open if you reach out to people with a smile.” On Instagram, every brand should try to add as many people to their network as possible.

Get More Likes and Comments: When you have more followers on your Instagram profile, then your business will tend to do better. You will get a lot of followers and people who are interested in your brand. With a better marketing approach, you can drive sales through Instagram.

More than 130-million Instagram users regularly check shopping posts every month. If your Instagram feeds appear interesting, then certainly you will be able to drive a lot of new leads from Instagram and other social networking sites.

Enhanced Visibility: When your brand has a lot of followers on Instagram, it also starts appearing on top of Insta feeds of other similar accounts. You have to keep posting interesting content on Instagram with captions and pictures to grab the maximum attention of your followers.

Just take a look at this Instagram post with such a great caption!


The Last Word


The most cost-effective way to achieve heightened and exponential growth is by buying Instagram likes. It helps you interact with your target audience and draw their attention. If you haven’t subscribed to a paid plan

yet then you must do it now and see how your business soars to a new height.

According to Veronica, Marketing Director, Piktochart, companies have been effective in bringing in and retaining new followers on their Instagram profile. Owing to an increase in the share of engagement with Instagram followers, the company’s Instagram feed soon started appearing in the ‘Explore’ section of Instagram.

As a popular social media channel, Instagram not only helps you in promoting your brand but also enhances your sales prospects. According to a research report, more than 39% of brands use 20% of their marketing budget on Instagram.


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