Are you hitting the gym regularly?

Still not getting the desired slim body you want?

Well, the secret behind getting a photo-perfect body is a balanced combination of a healthy diet, exercise, and good sleep.

People often get deep into counting calories all the time. They are often asked to believe that cutting calories will only give the desired result.

Many people are misguided and starve themselves in the process of losing weight. We are here to give you the ultimate tips to get a perfectly slim body in 7 days. This ultimate guide includes a list of best habits and easy exercises.

  • Drink more water 

This is the easiest way to keep your digestion process healthy. Once the digestion system is fixed, everything automatically falls into the right place.

When you drink the right amount of water daily, you help your body flush out the toxicity from your body. Every 0.5 liters of water you drink can make you burn 24 percent more calories for about an hour. It is suggested to drink water thirty minutes before every meal you take. This helps you to reduce the calorie intake.

  • Detoxify your body 

Unknowingly we accumulate lots of toxic elements in our body and this needs to be removed for better results. People often call it a cleansing day. Eat soup, real fruit juices, and vegetables for one whole day.

The main purpose behind these intermittent fasting is the consumption of fewer calories. Not only does this help you lose weight, but it also has many other health benefits. For more on intermittent fasting click here:

  • Increase your daily protein intake 

Protein is necessary because the weight loss journey consists of a high-intensity workout. As it boosts your glycogen storage and heals muscle soreness. Even if you are into daily mild exercise, protein helps you in repairing your muscles. Try adding a small portion of protein to each of your meals.

  • Say no to processed foods 

Yes, you read that right. Processed foods are your biggest enemy if you are thinking of reducing weight quickly. Processed food contains added sugar, high calories, and fats. Food like pizza, burgers, potato chips, fries, fried chicken is made in such a way that you always end up eating more than normal. Unless you cut out those bad things from your life, good habits won’t really show any result.

  • Reduce the intake of refined carbs 

What comes under refined carbs? Sugar, white bread, pasta, white bread, snacks, and White flour come under this category. Refined carbs only satisfy our taste buds and do no good to our bodies. As all the beneficial nutrients and fiber are removed from it.

  • Include more fresh fruits and vegetables 

Modern people are so much into a protein diet that we almost forget to eat fruits and vegetables. These two things are the main sources of important vitamins and minerals in our body. If you would like to get into shape within a week, make them your best friends. These are very weight-loss-friendly foods. These are rich in water, vital nutrients, and healthy fiber. You can eat big servings without adding too many calories.

Which exercises can give you fast results?

  • Skipping- this is the cheapest and most effective weight loss exercise. One can lose belly fat just by skipping rope daily for about thirty minutes. It can burn more than 10 calories in a minute. Alongside it strengthens your legs, belly, arms, shoulders, and butt. This easiest and best cardio workout among all. It improves your cardiovascular system. Intense skipping rope daily can give you a significant change in your body shape.
  • Jogging- if you prefer not to invest money in a gym, then jogging is the best for you. Your heart health, immune system gets improved very quickly. Jogging is often regarded as a great stress reliever. It cures depression and keeps you flexible even at an older age. Along with all of these benefits, it promises to give you a slim belly.
  • Swimming- it is a great recreational activity that people of all ages love to do. Apart from that, swimming is a full-body high-intensity workout. You can burn more than 500 calories in a 45-minute session. People who are targeted to lose weight fast, often choose swimming as their only workout. Within a week of regular swimming, you can feel your digestion getting improved, you start getting good sleep at night.
  • Bodyweight exercise- you don’t even need a gym to get that ultra-slim body. These workouts are simple and effective. It is a great alternative to gym equipment exercise. From legs to shoulder and abs, every part of the body can be covered by these bodyweight workouts. You can do it anywhere and anytime. Not all bodyweight exercises are meant to burn your body first. Some of the popular weight loss bodyweight exercises are burpees, pushups, squats, high knees, and V-up.
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