How To Keep Your Home Cooler During The Summer

Get to know how to keep your house cool in summer naturally with these 5 easy and affordable tips.

Summer is a lovely season where you can enjoy light clothing and beautiful nights with optimal temperatures. Still, during the day, it can get tedious and extremely sticky if your house is not prepared for taking the heat.

If you struggle to keep your house cool in summer without AC, this article will come in handy. Below you can find 5 easy and affordable tips to help you stay fresh during the warmer days while looking out for your pocket.

Invest In Blackout Blinds

To keep your house naturally cool in summer, it is highly recommended that you close proper blinds and also invest in quality blackout blinds curtain to help repel heat from your windows. For at least the times of the day that the sun hits your house the most, closing the blinds during the day will help you stay cooler and avoid heat accumulation in your space.

Furthermore, investing in blackout windows will ensure you spend less on electric cooling, thus reducing your monthly expenses. If you’re searching “how to cool a house without AC,” or “air conditioning in Northampton,” this is definitely a great solution to invest in.

Consider Installing Ceiling Fans

Although AC’s are great for rapid cooling, they can get expensive and noisy for some people; therefore, it is recommended to install ceiling fans to keep your house optimal for summer. What’s more, they do not consume as much energy as other cooling systems, such as the classic AC, in both their built-in and portable editions, and they provide excellent airflow to the room.

Pro tip: If you already own a ceiling fan and have been feeling like it is not doing an excellent job at keeping your house cool, try adjusting it to rotate counter-clockwise; this way, it can push air down instead of up and maintain your space at the perfect temperature.

Open Windows During The Night

A great way to keep the house cool in summer naturally is to open the windows at night to let the beautiful summer-night breeze in your home. It will provide a refreshing airflow without the tedious and suffocating heat of midday. In addition, it will help eliminate the remaining heat that accumulated during the day, so you’ll wake up with a cooler and fresher home.

If you are not very fond of keeping some windows open at night, try opening them very early in the morning before the sun starts hitting your house; usually, until 10 AM is the best time to let your windows open and enjoy the morning breeze.

Avoid Using The Oven

The number one question searched online when the summer begins is “how to keep the house cool without AC?” and although there are many appliances you can purchase and invest in, there’s one little action that is always forgotten, and that is a significant contributor to your home’s excessive heat, which is the usage of your oven.

Try using your oven as little as possible, whenever you can, to avoid creating more heat in your kitchen that later expands to the rest of your home. Instead, you can take this as an opportunity to use your grill more or to cook other meals that don’t require using your oven for long periods.

Assess Your Fabrics In Furniture

Whether it is your couch, chairs, bedding, or any fabric covering furniture you use during the day, make sure they are cooling-friendly, such as cotton. Materials like silk and others that contain high amounts of nylon cause people to sweat more; therefore, make sure you are sitting or lounging around in quality and heat-repellent fabrics.

Furthermore, choose your clothing with the same concept in mind to help you stay fresh and cool in your home. Light clothing in soft fabrics is a great option for combating those tedious and sticky summer days.

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