How to make use of memes in marketing?

Most people describe memes as a cultural shorthand and a medium to make points effectively! However, it’s also limited. You can’t share a meme template and intend to sound it the way you want. You have to know memes and their relevance to make them work for you.

Are you thinking about making memes work for your marketing? If yes, then this article will show you how.

Making use of memes in marketing can get risky! It’s because you aren’t using memes to only engage with others and generate sales. The moment memes become a part of a marketing strategy, automatically, you are claiming it as an essential aspect of your brand. That means there’s more to memes than just fun. Here are a few points to remember.

  • Select memes that complement your brand

Memes are a language! So, before you make use of memes in your marketing and design initiatives, decide the memes that blend with your brand by having precise know-how of your target audience. Certain brands, such as geeky apparel retailers and video game organizations, have an extensive meme vocabulary as their customers view memes daily. Others might have a limited repository as their customers have limited exposure to memes. It might be as a brand, and their persona is less playful.

  • Make use of memes in the correct place

The way to make your brand a meme factory is to know the best places to use them. You can use memes on social media. Other places where you can use memes are blog posts and website graphics.

It would help if you thought the message you are projecting when you are using memes. The moment you answer that, you will know the correct places to use the memes. For instance, yours is a grocery store, and you want to use memes to connect with young shoppers and distinguish your marketing initiatives from others. You might resort to “starter pack” memes for highlighting specific items that have and why others would buy them together.

  • Timing is all

Users share memes from Meme Scout quickly! That means your designs might have a lesser shelf life. That means when you use a meme that is declining, and you will lag. Similarly, when you use a meme that dead, you will seem entirely out of place. On the other hand, choosing an old-school meme can secure your brand from appearing outdated. However, if you aren’t getting retro with memes, you need to concentrate on the trending memes.  It is essential to use memes that are trending and at the correct time to create maximum impact.

Making use of memes in your brand design and marketing is a way to reflect that your brand is at par with the recent trends. Brands need to become cyber-savvy today. Also, it is essential to use relevant memes to communicate your brand message. Here marketers need to use their discretion and follow the rules mentioned above.

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