How to make your own tarot cards

Any tarot reader can attest to the fact that some decks have a more personal resonance with them than others. This is usually the case because the artwork or the artist’s intention for the deck makes it easy to make intuitive interpretations. As you continue to use the same deck, you may find that you and it get more in tune with one another than you would with a fresh new deck. This is because, when you continue to employ the same deck of cards for readings, your energy merges with theirs, resulting in more insightful and insightfully personal insights.

But imagine you could put all that imaginative and enlightening energy into make your own tarot cards. Imagine how in sync you’d be if you had that deck. Fortunately, you can! If you want to know what we’re going to say about in this piece, you should keep reading.

Use Your Imagination and Pick a Look

The first step in building your own, customized tarot card deck is to start conceptualizing what you want your deck to look like. Among these considerations is the material from which the cards will be made. Will they be made of card stock, index cards, or something else entirely? Are you intending to create your deck digitally, or want to scan it in after you’re done? When making a tarot collage, you may use any materials you choose. You should decide for yourself.

The second element of step one is to then select how you want your deck to appear. Is it the classic RWS imagery that interests you, or is there anything else? It’s important to remember that nothing can stop you except your own creativity. There are decks out there for everything today, including cat tarot, tree tarot, and even abstract tarot card decks. This is going to be your own unique deck of tarot cards, so it should be something you’re passionate about.

Design a Deck

The time has come for you to build together your deck, and it’s going to be a blast. It’s time to get started if you plan on drawing each card by hand. One of the nicest things about doing this step is that you can always adjust your vision as you go, since, hey, sometimes our brains acquire even better ideas after we’ve already begun the job! If you’re going the artistic route with your tarot deck, here is where you’ll start putting your unique stamp on each card. Are you not a fan of planning things out on paper? If you’re more of a graphic designer than a traditional artist, don’t worry; you can still make your own tarot cards using your preferred digital art programme. To avoid making any mistakes, stick to the design framework you established in the beginning.

Digitize and Scanning

If you’re going for a low-tech approach to your tarot deck, after the artwork is finished, you’re done. Decks for Tarot don’t have to be elaborate or costly. The standard shuffle may be too rough for card material, index cards, or construction paper, so you may need to find another means to mix up the cards. One of our favorite variations on the standard card shuffle involves laying all the cards face down in a disordered pile and then sliding them around. Keeps your own tarot cards safe while still shuffling the deck.

Affordable Printing and Usage

When you are happy with the appearance of your deck, you may try printing off a set. You’ll know what looks nice and what doesn’t once you get to view all the tarot cards gathered in one place. Before shelling out cash to have the deck printed on high-quality gloss paper, you’ll have the chance to review and fine-tune the design. Do readings with your freshly printed deck to get a sense of how they feel in your hands and what messages they may have for you. You should update a card’s graphic if you find that a certain element is no longer effective. Or if you’d prefer make the photos larger and the text smaller, now is the chance to modify it!

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