How to Manage a Growing Plumbing Business the Right Way

Lots of plumbers get to a point where they want to expand or start getting more business either because of referrals, word of mouth or just sound marketing. Expansion can be difficult to manage, however, and it’s sadly when a lot of plumbers end up crashing and burning. The pressure eventually gets to them, they start losing track of contracts, and everything goes downhill from there. This is why you have to manage the growing demand carefully and have the right tools and processes in place to help you. Let’s take a look at how to manage a growing plumbing business the right way.

Learn How to Say No

One of the worst mistakes a lot of plumbers make when their business is expanding is taking too much work. You have to be ready to turn down clients, even if they seem lucrative now or in the long run.

It’s better to turn down a client than to take one and not be able to meet expectations. Not taking a client won’t have a huge impact on your brand. In fact, it could show that you’re responsible. But not being able to meet deadlines because of delays or doing a poor job because you had to hire a bad subcontractor to cover you could haunt you forever.

Get Plumbing Management Software

Some plumbers can get by with spreadsheets or pen and paper when they’re getting started, but you should quickly start looking for job management software for your plumbing business. Plumbing project management software will allow you to keep track of different projects, know who is working on each job, and help you keep track of payments. Job management software will be particularly helpful if you’re thinking of adding people to your team or working with multiple subcontractors. Using plumbing management software will also make follow-ups with clients much easier.

Strike Better Deals with Suppliers

Once you have more purchasing power, you should try to renegotiate deals with your suppliers right now. You should also start buying certain parts in bulk if you can. If your current supplier refuses to give you a better deal or extend a larger line of credit to you, then look elsewhere. Try to get as many quotes as you can and come back to your original supplier with the deals you got. They may be more inclined to accept your demands when you show that you have options and are ready to go elsewhere.

Stay on Top of Trends

It’s also very important that you know what’s going on in the industry. You’ll be attracting a more diverse set of clients and they might ask you about all sorts of new solutions and technologies they’ve heard about.

You can’t sound like you don’t know what those are, or it will make you look unprofessional. You’ll also be leaving money on the table. Learn about energy-conservative equipment and eco-friendly plumbing solutions specifically, as you can expect to see more demand for these types of technologies in the years to come.

This is all you need to know if you want to grow your business without being overwhelmed. Expansion is a critical time for any business, but if you manage it correctly, you could eventually become a nationally recognised brand, so move carefully.


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