How to Market Areca Leaf Plates?

People are addicted to the usage of plastics. However, many measures have been taken to eradicate the use of plastic properly. Areca leaf plates are one of those measures. These kinds of plates are made from the fallen leaves of the areca nut tree.

In India, KKN Exports has taken the initiative to save mother nature by producing 100% organic and natural palm leaf plates. The company collects the raw materials from Shimoga in Karnataka. The areca leaf plates are the vision of a better tomorrow. These plates have no added chemicals, wax, or dyes. Also, unlike the plastic plates, the areca leaf plates decompose quickly without harming the soil. Also, these plates are available in many sizes and shapes like round, rectangle, square, and special shapes.

The areca leaf plates are the solution to all the hazardous problems of the environment. If you are also looking to open a plant to produce areca plates, then the first thing you need to do is create a marketing plan. Although many people and huge businesses are already inclining towards the areca plates, there is still a need to build a good marketing strategy.

Some critical step that will help you market areca leaf plates are:

  1. Know your Market
  2. Build a Website
  3. Mark Location on Google Maps
  4. Register on e-commerce
  5. Create a Facebook Page
  6. Increase Social Media Presence
  7. Attend Food Exhibitions

Let us get into the details of these points. They will help you to market areca leaf plates.

How to Market Areca Leaf Plates?

Know your Market

The first and the most crucial step is to know your market. At the moment of writing, India has around 1500 established units. Out of which 1000 are in South India. Making Karnataka the primary supplier of areca leaf plates.

Knowing your market helps you in sectioning your production according to the demand. If you are willing to work internationally, then the first quality plates will be targeted for the International Markets. The second quality plates, on the other hand, will be produced for the local markets. The regional markets include supermarkets, caterers, restaurants, and dealers.

The areca leaf plates are the best alternative to plastic plates. This is why these plates have more demand in the international markets.

Building a Website

Source: Blue Corona

The Internet is a blessing in disguise for businesses. Use the power of the internet to make people reach your product. Building a website is the first step towards creating a social presence. You will have to add specific details on the website, like:

  • Detailed information about your products.
  • Detailed information about your organization
  • Blogs regarding your products
  • Contact Us Page
  • Help and Support

This information will help the customer to understand your company as well as your products. Consequently, this will help you in boosting your sales and revenue. Many new and established companies have been benefited by building a website.

This will give your company a virtual existence as well. If you are thinking about starting the areca plate production, make sure to create a website.

Mark Location on Google Maps

Source: Google

Google Maps is one of the essential tools to increase your business at a digital level. Marking your location on Google Maps will help the customers reach you easily. The way your business will get the visibility it deserves. Not only visibility but Google Maps are also important for the positioning of your company.

If you used Google Maps correctly and strategically, your business would definitely see revenue growth.

Register on e-commerce

E-Commerce is the new and growing trend of business. Companies like Amazon, Facebook Marketplace have earned billion with the help of e-commerce. If you are also starting your business of areca leaf plates, the first thing you got to do is register on e-commerce websites.

This will help your product to reach a large number of customers. You can show your product online and increase your sales. This way will help you market the areca leaf plates more strategically.

Create a Facebook Page

Facebook offers a massive chance of growth with its feature called “Facebook Marketplace.” With the help of this feature, you can easily be seen by many customers near you. Facebook Marketing is booming and has taken over applications like eBay and Etsy.

You can easily sell your product through this feature. All you need to do is register and add pictures and details of the Areca leaf plates.

Increase Social Media Presence

In the world of technology, it is important to keep changing. Now is the time of growing your Areca leaf plate business with the help of Social Media. Social Networking sites will help your brand to make a connection with the customers. You can share your experiences, behind the scenes, the Areca Leaf plates’ manufacturing process, and so many more things.

This not only helps you connect with your customers, but the customers will also understand your company’s functioning. All these efforts will consequently make the customer trust your brand and products more.

Attend Food Exhibitions

Areca Leaf Plates is the pathway to a better tomorrow. More and more people need to know about these products. You can always rely on food exhibitions to increase the popularity of your product. In these food exhibitions, you can present your product to many people. This will put in a great word of mouth for your brand.

These were some of the ways that will help you in marketing the areca leaf plates. These plates are primarily common in the Southern parts of India. With the help of these strategies, you make the areca leaf plates more popular.

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