How to play Irish bingo – 4 popular types

The origin of bingo dates as far back as the 16th century in Italy. Over the centuries, bingo spread from Italy to other European countries, one of which is Ireland. Similar to other countries that the game had touched, it found the instant favor of the Irish people, and in no time, it became one of their favorite games. In recent times, the game has gone digital, and you can now find Irish bingo websites on the internet. Although there are slight modifications between the online version and bricks and mortar one, the excitement and thrill remain the same.

As the bingo game moved from one country to another, the rules encountered frequent modifications. However, the core concept of the game remained unchanged. This game amendment went on until 1920, when it eventually became bingo as we know it today. This version became popular among the Irish people, and they still play it presently.

Types Of Irish Bingo Games

  1. 90-Ball Bingo: One of the oldest and most common types of bingo is the 90-ball bingo. Its popularity transcends Ireland and the United Kingdom to the shores of other European countries and beyond.

As the game’s name implies, 90-ball bingo consists of 90 balls. It means that players have to select numbers between one and ninety after purchasing a ticket that usually comes in a three-row and nine-column grid, with five numbers on each line, leaving four empty. After that, numbers will be announced generally, and if any of the numbers tally with the ones the player has selected in their ticket, they will mark it off.

Once a player successfully marks off all the numbers on a row, regardless of which line, such person will be declared as the 1-line winner. If this same player is also able to mark off all the numbers on another row that is entirely different from the previous one, then they will be declared as the 2 line winner. Then for the biggest prize, the full-house, a player has to cross off all the numbers in all three rows completely.

  1. 75-Ball Bingo: Again, as the name implies, this version features numbers from one to seventy-five, but unlike the previous one, its grid is 5×5. The square in the center of the ticket is empty and serves as free space.

Every alphabet that spells the word “Bingo” is placed at the top of each column, and as such, the announcer will call out both the alphabet and the number while players mark off anyone that tally. Once the free space in the center falls on the line that the player is marking, the free space gets automatically marked.

For 75-ball bingo, a player has to mark all the numbers on the ticket entirely before being declared the winner. There are no gift prizes for completing one or two lines.

  1. 30-Ball Bingo: Otherwise known as the Speed bingo, 30-ball bingo is mostly different from the other two versions above. It is way faster because it has only 30 balls and a grid of three rows and three columns. Hence, it is easier to complete a round due to the few numbers involved.

To win in this bingo version, the player must mark off every square on the ticket, and unlike the 75-ball bingo, there are no free spaces. Every square has to be announced before getting marked, and the player that gets all nine numbers marked off first gets to be the winner of the game.

  1. Jackpot Bingo: This version is particularly synonymous with online bingo games. It works better if there are lots of people playing because the more people join, the higher the grand prize will be. Jackpot bingo winners are not announced after every round, but the prize keeps accumulating until one of the players triggers the winning conditions of such a jackpot.

In Conclusion

Bingo games have been one of the favorite games of Irish people for centuries now, and their love for it doesn’t seem like it is ending anytime soon. Especially with the arrival of gambling sites that don’t use Gamstop that offers people the comfort of playing games such as bingos from the comfort of their abode.

The Irish version of bingo games shares more similarities with the bingo games popular in other parts of the United Kingdom and the world beyond. Also, you don’t need to travel down to Ireland to experience the fun of playing Irish bingo games, as there are options for playing them on various bingo sites.

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