How to Style Your Outdoor Setting

If you’re styling your outdoor setting and struggling to create a cohesive style, or match all of your furniture together you’re in luck. Creating a space that is styled well can add value and attractiveness to the space, essentially you can make it look like it came out of the page of a magazine. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a whole heap of money but being considerate and thoughtful to the decor and colour palette you choose can make all the difference.

Choosing a Colour Palette

Choosing dominant colours is the best way to tie different pieces of furniture together. Whether or not you have got furniture that’s fabricated from earth-like tones, you’ll brighten it up and tie into the remainder of the space together with your choice of 1 or two main colours.

By sticking to a small and precisely chosen colour palette you can focus on bringing in different tones and textures to really enhance the styling of the space. As a general rule you’ll want to stick to one or two main colours with a little handful of extra ones that can be used to create a feature or pop or colour. If you can, three or five colours are the ideal number to use.

Mixing Materials

Mixing materials is similar to adding texture. Like with colour you want to be using one main material in your outdoor setting, adding a few contrasting or complimenting textures to create a put together look. Ideally you want to use this main material at least three times across the space, whether that be teak, wicker, stainless steel or something else, you want to make sure it’s consistently placed across the area. You can also use this same material in outdoor lighting or accessories this will help to enforce the main texture, without overtaking the space. If you want to realy style outside of the box you can add pieces that are made up of more than one material, this can help to establish a contrast in the space.

Layout of Your Space

When positioning your outdoor furniture, it’s important to create some distinct groups or zones. By doing this you can create a more professional looking style. This may sound hard to do without disconnecting the space but can still be achieved with the right transitions.

The right transition can be as easy as creating a rug area, half wall, outdoor fireplace, or a greenery area that creates a sense of separation between the spaces, but also allows for connection when entertaining. The two areas won’t necessarily be out of sight of each other but will clearly have their own distinct areas.

To help create a similarity or common style in these different zones you should be using the same colors or materials this will mean your spaces will complement or contrast each other, enforcing the professional look we’re all after when styling our homes.

Mixing Styles

There is no rule that says you have to choose just one design style in your space. Traditional or contemporary whatever your personal preference is you can use that throughout your home (this includes the outdoor spaces too). The key to mixing these different styles together seamlessly is to pair a few pieces from these styles together. This will create a sense of balance in your outside seating setting.

This can be done simply by doing a bit of research and finding out what materials from different styles can be used interchangeably or paired with other materials. The trick is to use the 80/20 rule, meaning 80% of the space will represent your main style and therefore the remainder another style. It’ll make sure that your styles aren’t clashing against each other but complementing one another.

Whether you are designing an outdoor sitting area, outdoor kitchen, dining area, or all of the above, you can successfully mix design and furniture styles with the right plan. Not only will these tips help to create a stunning space that incorporates different styles and colours without overcrowding but will become a unique space that tenders to your personal taste. If you’re looking to restyle a new or existing space, Cosh Living can help. Visit our website to view the extensive range of outdoor furniture we have available.

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